Can I sue the drunk driver for damages?

If you were hit by a drunk driver and suffered damages, you may wonder if you have the right to sue the driver for compensation. The short answer is yes, you can sue the drunk driver for damages. In fact, you have the legal right to hold them responsible for any injuries or losses you suffer as a result of the accident.

Here are some important things to know about suing a drunk driver for damages:

  1. Negligence: In order to file a personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver, you must be able to prove that the driver was negligent in causing the crash. This means that they had a duty to exercise reasonable care while driving, and they breached that duty by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Damages: If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Your attorney can help you calculate the full extent of your damages and determine the appropriate amount of compensation you should seek.
  3. Insurance: The drunk driver’s auto insurance may cover some or all of your damages. However, insurance companies are often more interested in protecting their profits than paying out fair compensation to accident victims. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you negotiate with the insurance company and fight for the full compensation you deserve.
  4. Criminal conviction: In addition to filing a personal injury lawsuit, the drunk driver may also face a criminal conviction for driving under the influence. While a criminal conviction won’t automatically result in compensation for your damages, it could help establish the driver’s negligence and strengthen your case.

If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, it’s important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The Ruth Law Team can help you understand your legal rights and options, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Please note that the answers for each question may vary depending on the specific facts of your case, and it is always best to consult with an attorney to get more accurate information. Also, this is general information and not legal advice.

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