Getting injured in any type of accident can difficult. Aside from the pain and suffering, there is often the property damage, medical bills, loss of wages, emotional distress, and more. If you have been injured at no fault of your own, the impact it has on your life is significant. To see if you have a case against those who hurt you, speak with a Tampa personal injury attorney like The Ruth Law Team.

With the help of an experienced law firm, you don’t have to go through this difficult time by yourself. The Ruth Law Team is here for you to discuss the facts of your accident and help you determine the next steps you should take. 

We have been fighting for those in the Tampa Bay Area for over 40 years. To speak with a personal injury attorney in Tampa, please call The Ruth Law Team today at (813) 254-1416 or schedule a free case evaluation, one of our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will review your case at no cost and with no obligation. 

If you choose to work with us on your case, you only pay when we win!

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Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Tampa:

The Ruth Law Team will work hard to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries. We have over 40 years of experience fighting for the rights of personal injury victims.

We know how difficult it can be to recover from an accident, and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you. We will handle all of the paperwork and negotiations so you can focus on healing and getting back to your life – and we won’t charge you a penny unless we win your case.

The following are some of the personal injury cases we see most frequently:

Car Accident With Motorcycle Police

Auto Accidents in Tampa

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, our personal injury attorneys in Tampa can help. We have the knowledge and experience to fight for the compensation you deserve.

We know how difficult it can be to deal with the aftermath of an accident and we will work tirelessly on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome. We represent victims on different types of car accidents in Tampa including but not limited to: 

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse in Tampa

If you or a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse in Tampawe can help. We provide compassionate legal services to victims of nursing home abuse and will stand by your side and fight for justice 

You or your loved one shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Let us help you get the justice you deserve. We represent different types of nursing home abuse cases in Tampa including but not limited to:

Women tripping on rug and falling

Premise Law in Tampa

If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, you may need an experienced personal injury lawyer in Tampa on your side.

At The Ruth Law Team, we have the experience and resources to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We understand how difficult it can be to cope with medical bills and missed work, not to mention the emotional stress of a serious accident. That’s why we’re here to fight for you. We represent many different premise law cases including but not limited to:

Medical Attorney in Tampa

If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligent doctor, it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. At The Ruth Law Team, we have successfully represented clients in medical malpractice cases for over 40 years. We know what it takes to win these complex cases and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. We represent many different types of medical cases including but not limited to:

Doctor texting on his phone instead of helping patients
Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Unsafe Medications Attorney in Tampa

Our firm has helped hundreds of people who have been harmed by unsafe medications. If you fear that you have been injured as a result of a medical product, we can help!

Medical Device Attorney in Tampa

If you have suffered as a result of a defective or dangerous medical device, speak with a medical device attorney at The Ruth Law Team to see if you have a case.

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney
Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Dangerous Products Attorney in Tampa

If you were hurt by a defective, recalled, or otherwise unsafe product, a Dangerous Products Attorney at The Ruth Law Team can assist you.

Other Practice Areas in Tampa

If another person or party is responsible for your injuries, we are here to help you pursue legal action. Our Tampa attorneys aren’t afraid to take your case to trial, and we will help you recover the costs associated with your injuries, pain, suffering and lost wages.

St. Petersburg Injury Attorney

Representing These Neighborhoods In Tampa and Beyond

Historic districts

Residential neighborhoods

Why Hire The Ruth Law Team?

If you’ve been injured, it’s important to find an attorney in Tampa that will fight for you.

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a personal injury lawyer in Tampa. You want someone who has the experience and is prepared to go the distance for you but also understands that many cases settle without going to trial.

The Ruth Law Team is a Tampa personal injury law firm that has a proven track record of success. We have fought and won favorable verdicts for our clients, even when it meant going to the Florida Supreme Court. We are committed to providing our clients with representation and we’ll do what it takes to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Steven and Jenna Ruth Evaluating a Personal Injury Case

Our Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys Office

Our team of personal injury lawyers in Tampa are ready to help you with your case.

If you or someone close to you has been injured due to an accident and you need to speak with a personal injury attorney in Tampa, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact our office (consultations available by appointment only):

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