If you have been injured in an accident that involved a fully autonomous car such as a Tesla or other driverless vehicles, we are here to help. While driverless cars have only been on the road for a short time, The Ruth Law Team has been fighting on behalf of car accident victims like yourself for more than 40 years. 

While these types of vehicles are generally considered to be safe, they are not foolproof. When a self-driving car malfunctions, the results can be catastrophic. Our experienced team of self-driving car accident lawyers are here to give you the attention you need and deserve. 

We have the experience necessary to help you make informed decisions following a self-driving car accident as well as the empathy to understand the significant mental, physical, and financial hardships the accident might have caused you. 

Don’t navigate this difficult time alone. Speak with a self-driving car accident lawyer to find out what your rights are and whether you have a case today by calling (888) 783-8378. You can also schedule a free case evaluation and receive expert legal guidance and a no-cost and no-obligation case review.

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Very helpful, so thankful to have a responsible party take care of this issue since we are from out of state.

Keith P.
Boise, ID

Attorney Eric Roslansky and his paralegal, Nicole, of The Ruth Law Team provided excellent service throughout the duration of my case. I have already referred two people to their office because I was so impressed with their professionalism and the way they handled my lawsuit. Thank you!

Christina H.

Everyone was very pleasant and easy to work with. I would use this law firm again and would recommend them to everyone.

Amanda D.
St. Petersburg

Responsive, direct, easy to communicate with; no hesitation to take the case (contrary to [a large law firm]; I felt confident as to positive outcome, legal regal representation one can rely upon.

Mladen I.
Redington Beach

The entire team at Ruth Law Team was there for me during the entire time from the moment I called immediately after I was hurt when rear-ended until the settlement was gratefully received. Every question and request was answered and responded to quickly and completely. I highly recommend Ruth Law Team.

Peggy H.
St. Petersburg

Jessica was amazing as well as Carlos with keeping me up to date. Made me feel good about the process and moving forward with my case.

Charniqua B.
St. Petersburg

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Driving Accidents

How much will my self-driving accident settlement be?

Despite our long history of recovering fair settlements for our clients, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome in your case. With that being said, the defense team will take notice when you have The Ruth Law Team in your corner. To date, we have obtained over $100 million in jury verdicts alone for our clients.… read more?

Does it matter if the vehicle was altered?

If the vehicle owner disabled any essential safety equipment for their self-driving vehicle, then the manufacturer may be cleared from any liability. However, these actions also enhance the liability of the vehicle owner. Self-driving vehicles are more complex than traditional automobiles. For this reason, our team may need to request an independent inspection of the… read more?

Who is liable for my accident?

Every vehicle crash is unique. Accidents involving self-driving cars are even more complex than a standard crash. If you have gotten into such an accident, speak with a self-driving car accident lawyer like those at The Ruth Law Team. During our review of your incident, we will strive to identify any parties who may have… read more?

Our Car Accident Case Results


Car Accident Trial Verdict

In May 2019, a Pinellas County jury awarded our client $1.795 million after her car accident in which she suffered injuries to her neck resulting in surgery.

Rollover Accident

A negligent driver turned left in front of our client, causing our client’s SUV to flip over.  EMS transported our client to the hospital.  The rollover crash resulted in neck, head, and shoulder injuries.

Three-Car Rear-End Collision

This client was involved in a three-car collision when he was hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of him. He had recently undergone shoulder surgery and suffered further injury to the joint.

Vehicle Hit Behind by a Drunk Driver

Recovery for a victim injured in car crash when hit from behind by a drunk driver and suffered multiple injuries including injury to knee requiring surgery.

Head-On Collision with Commercial Truck

Settlement for victim injured when hit head on by commercial truck. She experienced significant injuries including compound fracture of tibia and fibula that broke through the skin requiring surgical repair.

Settlement For Auto Accident

Our client’s car was struck by a driver who ran a red light resulting in a closed head injury and a shoulder tear.

NOTE: Client may not obtain the same or similar results.

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At The Ruth Law Team, we understand that this may be your first time seeking legal counsel and how intimidating that decision might be. This is why we have simplified the process to help you make the right decision for your circumstances. This 3-step process includes:

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Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Common Causes of Self-Driving Car Accidents

Every day, more autonomous cars hit the road. When they work as they are designed to, self-driving cars can be incredibly safe and convenient. However, an equipment failure, manufacturing defect, or human error can result in serious and potentially deadly accidents. 

The owners of these vehicles can over-rely on the technologies that they contain, which can mean that they are not prepared to correct any errors that the software makes. It is important to understand the causes of self-driving car accidents. Doing so may help you or your loved one avoid being injured.

As self-driving vehicles become increasingly common on public roadways, crashes involving these cars are also becoming more common. Accidents involving these complex machines can occur at virtually any time. Some common causes of self-driving vehicle crashes include:

Contact an Experienced Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Self-driving car accidents can be especially dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. The Ruth Law Team has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with sound legal guidance in your time of need. We will connect you with a Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer and file a strong personal injury claim on your behalf.

Do not put off filing a claim. Take action and schedule a free case evaluation so you can speak with an attorney who can help you determine whether or not you have a case. 

Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer