Will Compensation Be Offset by Other Benefits Received?

The vast number of people who suffered Camp Lejeune water-related illness and disease is impossible to calculate. Those who suffered serious diseases are likely to have filed for some government benefits to help pay for living expenses due to the disability, healthcare-related expenses, medication, and therapy. These veterans may still file a claim.

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 includes a provision requiring any financial settlement or judgment received by a claimant to be offset by the value of the government benefits already paid to the victim in the form of VA benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SSDI, or other federally funded programs. Current VA benefits will NOT be halted or affected.

This means that if Medicaid paid for the toxic-water victim’s cancer treatment, the cost to Medicaid for that care will be deducted from whatever settlement or court judgment you receive. But don’t let that offset provision discourage you from seeking the compensation you deserve for the suffering you and your family lived through because of government negligence.

The bravest and most honorable service members arrived at Marine Base Camp Lejeune willing to sacrifice their lives for their country. Sadly, they never realized their drinking water was poisoned or that they would suffer dreadful illnesses later in their lives.