Do I need a lawyer for a Camp Lejeune claim?

The law does not require you to be represented by a lawyer to file a Camp Lejeune injury claim. However, a professional licensed attorney studies, trains, and practices for many years to acquire expertise in preparing, filing, and fighting for their client’s legal claims. 

Injured parties who file their own claims without a lawyer’s assistance sometimes omit required documentation, misdirect their claims, or are unprepared to respond if they meet resistance from government employees processing their claim. Representing others in contested matters involving substantial claims for financial compensation is a skill honed only through years of experience. 

Unfortunately, claimants and litigants who represent themselves resolve their cases without receiving the full amount to which they were qualified. Some government offices operate less efficiently than others. 

Enlisting the help of a law firm with decades of experience successfully resolving thousands of serious injury claims ensures that your Camp Lejeune contaminated water injury claim is submitted properly, followed up with frequently, and pressed as aggressively as necessary to achieve the most favorable outcome for you and your family.

Although other resources may be available to assist you with your CLJA claim, unlicensed advocates are limited in their understanding of the law and are not authorized to provide legal advice that may be key to determining your rights to recover compensation. 

Potential issues regarding which you need reliable legal counsel include:

  • claims based on medical conditions not presumed related to Camp Lejeune’s toxic water,
  • issues related to dates of service or length of service and severity of the resulting illness,
  • contests regarding the quantity or quality of medical documentation supporting your claim,
  • obtaining medical documents supporting a claim for a deceased relative’s disease,
  • proving a causal connection between a child’s birth defect and a parent’s Camp Lejeune service,
  • obtaining the full amount of compensation to which you or your family member are entitled,
  • contesting the disability percentage or monthly benefits awarded by the VA

The Ruth Law Team is fully qualified to answer all your Camp Lejeune Justice Act questions and to inform you of all the rights you have under the law. There is no fee for contacting our Camp Lejeune injury attorneys to have your case thoroughly reviewed. 

If your family has a deceased member who served at Marine Base Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 and developed any disease or medical condition discussed in the previous F.A.Q., The Ruth Law Team can advise you on how to seek compensation on their behalf under the CLJA.