How Much Can You Get as Compensation for Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Damages?

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 will not limit the amount of compensation you can recover for your toxic-water-related injuries. The only limit provided in the bill prohibits any lawsuit from demanding more in compensation than the victim demanded in the claim filed with the federal agency unless new evidence is discovered after the claim was filed. 

Given the tragic health consequences, so many U.S. Marines and other base camp workers suffered, the settlement or jury verdict amounts should be very substantial. 

Proving the case would require only the following evidence:

  • the relationship between exposure to the Camp Lejeune water and the harm suffered by the victim is
    • (A) sufficient to conclude that a causal relationship exists; or
    • (B) sufficient to conclude that a causal relationship is at least as likely as not.