How Do You Get Camp LeJeune Toxic Water Compensation?

The first step in the process when the CLJA becomes law is to contact a qualified law firm that has experience representing people who suffered disease or illness from exposure to a toxic substance. The Ruth Legal Team has national reach with local counsel and may be able to help you with your Camp LeJeune Toxic Water claim no matter what state you reside in. 

There Will Be a Deadline to File a Claim!

Congress included a two-year deadline in the bill for all claims to be filed. All lawsuits would need to be filed within two years from the date the bill is signed into law. And before anyone can file a lawsuit, they would first need to submit a claim demanding payment from the federal agency involved in the matter. The agency then has six months to decide whether to grant the claim for compensation. If the federal agency denies the claim, or fails to issue a decision within six months of the victim’s demand, then they could file a lawsuit. There is a provision in the new law that extends the deadline for 180 days for cases in which the federal agency claim process is still pending on the deadline date.

There is no time to wait. Collecting documentary evidence, medical records, service records, and other important material takes time. You can prepare your claim right away to ensure you don’t run out of time. Once the clock runs out, there is no other remedy under current law.