Why does my insurance company have to pay my medical bills after an accident?

Florida is known as a No-Fault State.  Every automobile insurance policy issued in Florida has a provision called Personal Injury Protection.  This is also known as PIP or Florida No-Fault coverage.  When an automobile accident occurs, regardless of fault, your insurance policy, through your Personal Injury Protection provision, pays for your initial medical bills.  This… read more?

Why Should I Contact a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney?

When you schedule a free initial consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney, you will receive the benefit of the lawyer’s knowledge and experience in dealing with accidents. The lawyer will listen to your story and develop a legal strategy based on your goals. An injury lawyer can help with many aspects of your accident including:… read more?

When Should I File a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

You can file a motorcycle accident claim when an accident resulted from the negligence of one or more other drivers, and you suffered an injury that requires treatment. It would be unfair for you to bear the cost of your injuries when someone else caused them. The purpose of an accident claim is to place… read more?

What Should I Do After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident?

Immediately after a motorcycle accident, you might be injured and unable to think clearly. But the steps you take after a motorcycle accident can impact the compensation that you can recover for your injuries. At the Accident Scene After an accident in the state of Florida, you have several legal duties. Under Florida law, everyone… read more?

What Compensation Can Be Recovered from My Motorcycle Accident?

Damages from personal injury claims include both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages compensate you for the financial costs of a motorcycle crash. Non-economic damages compensate you for the other effects of the collision that do not have a financial cost. Economic Damages Economic damages come with a price tag and include costs such as:… read more?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

After a motorcycle accident, you could be out of work while facing enormous medical bills. For this reason, a motorcycle accident attorney will usually charge a contingent fee. This structure recognizes your struggles and provides legal representation to you with: No fees collected upfrontNo fee until you win or settle your case A contingency fee… read more?

What Should I Consider When Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer can be a very consequential decision. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer, you probably have a mountain of medical bills and may be facing months or years of additional treatment and therapy. You may be unable to work because of your injuries. You may even be relying on… read more?

What do I do if the insurance company is not offering me enough for my car?

Just like when buying a new car, the best thing you can do is arm yourself with knowledge.  The internet is your best resource. Kelly Blue Book and NADA are the standards in the industry to find the actual cash value (ACV) of your car.  Check out the classified advertisements in your local newspapers,… read more?

What does it mean if my car was totaled?

Your car is considered totaled if the damages are not repairable or if price of the repairs will cost more than the actual value of the vehicle. Do your homework. Check the internet (such as Kelley Blue Book) or NADA for the actual cash value (ACV) of your car, check out the classified advertisements in… read more?

Who determines who is responsible for a traffic accident?

Figuring out who is at fault in an accident is a matter of deciding who was careless. For traffic accidents, State traffic laws provide guidelines by which liability may be measured. These rules apply not only to automobiles but also to motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. In some cases, a driver may be liable for an… read more?

What issues will I face in making a claim for my injuries sustained in an auto accident?

A claim for injuries sustained in an automobile accident is usually based upon carelessness or negligence. In worse case scenarios, it is based on an intentional or reckless act. The two categories of issues that typically arise in a tort claim after an automobile accident are the following: Liability – who is at fault and… read more?

How will I pay all my medical bills?

If you have been injured, you will likely have medical bills from physicians, hospitals, physical therapists, and other health care providers. Those bills will be in your name and will typically be sent to your address. You are primarily responsible for paying your bills, regardless of the cause of your injuries. The at-fault person’s liability… read more?

What if I’ve been hurt in a car accident?

When you have been in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident, understanding what to do next is of vital importance. Obviously securing the safety of everyone in the accident is the first priority. Call 911 if anyone is injured. Get the name and address of the driver of each vehicle. The owner of… read more?