When a Pedestrian Is Hit by an Uber or Uber Eats Driver

Just like other drivers who spend so many hours on the road, pedestrians are sometimes struck and seriously injured. Personal injury cases involving an Uber driver striking a pedestrian can be more complex cases than a conventional pedestrian-vehicle accident with a non-commercial driver. Uber drivers may be treated as agents of the Uber corporation, a massive global company with deep pockets to hire lawyers to reduce the amount of compensation Uber has to pay the injured victim or their surviving family.

The Ruth Law Team understands how severe a pedestrian’s injury could be when struck by an automobile traveling at normal speed. Months of recovery time filled with strenuous, painful, rehabilitative therapy could lie ahead. Inability to work, reliance on others, or public disability benefits impose strains on the victim’s ability to cope. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience handling complex accidents, including those involving large companies located in other jurisdictions. 

If you or a loved one were a pedestrian hit by an Uber vehicle, The Ruth Law Team can help you.