Did Your Uber Driver’s Negligence Cause Your Injury?

The main principle of American tort law is that parties who are responsible for inflicting injuries on others should compensate them to make the victim whole. So every personal injury auto accident case requires the injured party’s attorney to prove that their client’s injury was the “proximate result” of the defendant’s negligence. 

When an Uber rideshare driver operates in an unsafe manner, in a manner that unreasonably endangers the passenger, the driver may be adjudged negligent and required to pay for all the damages the victim suffers. And when an Uber driver drives negligently, the Uber company is usually financially liable as well. 

The Uber corporation provides additional liability insurance for the driver in anticipation of accidents. But was it more than just a traffic accident? Did Uber properly vet the driver? Was the driver’s car so poorly maintained that an accident was inevitable? Did the driver have a history of reckless driving, speeding, or numerous traffic violations? 

When your Uber driver drives aggressively, even if they claim to be doing so to get you to your destination faster, their conduct is negligent. If you are injured in an Uber accident caused by an Uber driver’s negligence, The Ruth Law Team can assess all the potential theories of liability that apply. Don’t assume your Uber accident was a typical crash. Our Uber accident attorneys will work to identify all possible liable parties. Let us evaluate your Uber crash injury case first.