How Much Could My Uber Accident Settlement Be?

The outcome of every case depends on the individual circumstances of the accident. Someone riding as an Uber passenger may suffer severe shoulder and leg injuries in a crash, but a pedestrian struck by a speeding Uber or Uber Eats driver may be killed. The amount for which each of those cases settles will differ and can also vary depending on the insurance policies involved.

Settlements and court judgments awarding damages to an injured Uber accident victim can include compensation for all their injuries and financial losses. When a settlement is negotiated to resolve a personal injury claim, it may include compensation for:

  • Lost earnings and loss of future earnings
  • Past and future medical expenses for hospital care, surgery, rehabilitative therapy, mental health therapy, etc.
  • Loss of use of a bodily organ or limb
  • Compensation for physical pain and suffering, plus psychological/mental pain and suffering
  • Payment for any property damage
  • Perhaps the loss of society compensation for your spouse (depending on the state of residence)
  • And any other loss or damage suffered because of Uber or the driver’s negligence