What Should I Consider When Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer can be a very consequential decision. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer, you probably have a mountain of medical bills and may be facing months or years of additional treatment and therapy. You may be unable to work because of your injuries. You may even be relying on friends and relatives to help you through your daily activities like cooking and running errands.

Getting fair compensation could be necessary to avoid a financial disaster. As a result, you need to hire someone who will provide the kind of representation that will produce results.

Some of the considerations that you should make when hiring motorcycle accident attorneys include:

  • Experience: The facts of every case will differ. But a lawyer who has practiced for decades will have a vast reservoir of experience that they can tap into. This will make the lawyer more efficient and effective in negotiation and litigation. When a lawyer knows what has worked and has not worked in the past, they can focus on successful strategies that produce results.
  • Knowledge: Competent representation requires a thorough knowledge of the law. A lawyer who knows where to find the answer to legal questions will be more effective when advocating for clients with insurance adjusters, judges, and juries. But knowledge requires more than legal education. An accident lawyer must also know about insurance industry practices and the ways to maneuver claim adjusters into a better settlement offer. An accident lawyer must also know about court rules and procedures. A lawyer cannot advocate effectively for a client if they make simple procedural mistakes. Trial experience is key!
  • Communication: You must have clear communication with your attorney to build a strong attorney-client relationship. You should be able to speak frankly with your lawyer. You need to be able to tell your lawyer all of the facts, including the bad ones, so the lawyer can provide candid advice. During your free initial consultation, you should discuss your legal team’s availability to communicate about your case. You should explain your expectations for speaking to the lawyer and receiving updates about your case.
  • Compassion: One of the most important skills for a lawyer is compassion. A lawyer must understand the effects of your injuries on your life. Further, a lawyer must be able to take that understanding and explain it to a jury.