How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

After a motorcycle accident, you could be out of work while facing enormous medical bills. For this reason, a motorcycle accident attorney will usually charge a contingent fee. This structure recognizes your struggles and provides legal representation to you with:

  • No fees collected upfront
  • No fee until you win or settle your case

A contingency fee is calculated as a percentage of your settlement or damage award. This assures that your compensation will not get eaten up by legal fees.

A contingent fee also provides an incentive to your motorcycle accident lawyers. The lawyers calculate their fees as a percentage of your compensation. As a result, they will work hard to obtain the largest settlement or damage award possible.

Discuss Fees Before Hiring a Lawyer

No one benefits from a misunderstanding about legal fees. You should discuss legal fees during the free initial consultation with your prospective lawyer. The lawyer can explain how the law firm’s fees work. If you have any questions about fees, the initial consultation is the perfect opportunity to ask him or her.

Under Florida’s Rules of Professional Conduct, all contingent fee agreements must be in writing. The written fee agreement will allow you to review the fee amount and any limitations on the fees before hiring the lawyer. If you have questions about the contingent fee or the fee agreement as a whole, you should raise your concerns before hiring a lawyer.

The lawyer will typically pay filing fees, court reporter fees, and other hard costs during the case. At the end of the case, you will reimburse these costs out of your settlement or damage award. Make sure you review the agreement to understand any costs that the law firm may charge on top of the legal fee. The fee agreement should explain which costs, if any, you will need to reimburse.