How Long Will It Take to Settle Your Lyft Accident Claim?

The time it takes to resolve any injury claim varies from case to case. When the circumstances of the accident are especially clear and undisputed, the liable party’s identity is usually agreed upon quickly. For example, if you are injured when your Lyft driver slams into the rear end of a car stopped at a traffic light, your driver’s negligence likely won’t be seriously contested.

In other situations, when several cars collide in an intersection and multiple witness statements relate contradictory versions of events, liability may be more debatable. When that occurs, insurance companies and big companies like Lyft tend to resist offering full compensation to the injured parties. Instead, the insurance companies may try to delay as a tactic to shrink the settlement you deserve.

Experienced Lyft accident lawyers at The Ruth Law Team know how to respond to unfair tactics used by insurance companies. As a well-financed law firm, we can aggressively pursue the attention of Lyft and other insurance companies, pressuring them to address your claim as quickly as possible.

The extent and permanence of your injuries could also affect the settlement period. Settlement decisions are best reserved until the exact nature of your injury and your potential recovery time is known. We always work to establish those facts as speedily as your condition and your treating healthcare providers permit.