How Do You Choose a Lyft Accident Attorney?

The practice of law has become pretty specialized, just as doctors usually stay within their own area of expertise. If you have a family lawyer or your friend who had success in a local accident case with a nearby lawyer, those attorneys may have little or no experience representing someone who was severely injured in a Lyft accident.
The Ruth Law Team handles Lyft accident cases throughout the nation and will provide the personal service you would expect if we were down the street from your home.
Filing a substantial injury claim or a lawsuit against a large ridesharing company like Lyft can be more complicated than an average traffic accident case. First, if the Lyft driver’s negligence was the cause of the accident resulting in your injuries, an experienced Lyft accident attorney may also bring a claim against the driver’s insurance. It’s also possible you were involved in a multi-car accident with several parties bearing some responsibility, including Lyft.
However, Lyft does not “employ” your driver. Instead, the drivers are independent contractors who are responsible for their own taxes, health insurance, disability insurance, and liability insurance or so claims the Lyft corporation. While Lyft may not technically employ the drivers, the law still holds them accountable since their app and their rideshare service is so integral to the driver’s own business.
These cases can become complex and involve several defendants and lawyers in different jurisdictions. It’s wise to trust your case with experienced personal injury lawyers. Ask your lawyer if they have ever handled a Lyft or Uber accident claim. You don’t want to be the test case.