What do I need to know if I got into a car accident in Wesley Chapel, Florida?

An important aspect of our Wesley Chapel car accident attorneys’ services is an in-depth and comprehensive grasp of Florida’s legal landscape in car accident claims. This expertise includes understanding the compensation limits available under both your insurance policy and the policy of the party found at fault.

Key factors that may impact car accident claims in Florida include:

  • The nature and severity of injuries incurred from the accident.
  • The full scope of those injuries.
  • Whether the accident resulted in any fatalities.
  • The amount of work and earnings missed due to the accident.
  • Any permanent scarring or disfigurement resulting from the accident.
  • The total medical expenses incurred as a direct result of the accident.
  • Whether lasting damage alters the victim’s lifestyle or ability to engage in previous activities.

Florida adheres to a comparative negligence rule, which means that fault can be distributed among parties based on their contributions to the accident. A party over 50% responsible for their injuries cannot claim damages, emphasizing the importance of a thorough legal evaluation.