What If I Was Hit On a Scooter?

If you were hit on a scooter, you will likely need to seek immediate medical attention! If you are able to safely move out of harm’s way, you should do so and immediately call police. Do not admit fault in the accident. Take photos if possible, and obtain the other driver’s license plate number and insurance information. Once you have completed the above items, contact an experienced accident attorney who can advise you of your legal rights. As soon as the accident is reported, the insurance companies will start working to pay you as little as possible. Make sure your rights are protected.

The Ruth Law Team has represented injury victims for more than three decades. A trustworthy and experienced lawyer can help you navigate your legal battle with ease. If you were hurt on a scooter, moped, or other electric vehicle, contact the injury attorneys with The Ruth Law Team. We will evaluate your case and investigate what insurance coverage may be available to you. As always, your consultation is 100% free.

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