What Are Incretin-Based Drugs, and What is the Problem With Them?

Incretins are metabolic hormones that work to regulate insulin secretion. Incretin therapies such as Janumet and Onglyza lower the level of blood sugar, thus prompting the body to produce insulin. However, studies over the past several years have shown incretin therapies for Type II diabetes may increase the risk for pancreatic cancer, a rapidly growing and deadly cancer that is difficult to detect in its early stages.

Unfortunately, it appears many of the drug manufacturers who create these diabetes drugs were aware of the possibility they could accelerate the growth of pancreatic cancer yet failed to include it on the warning label for these drugs. Time and time again, our firm has found drug manufacturers (such as those who produce Byetta, Januvia and Victoza) to be well aware of the potentially devastating side effects of its products, yet decided to put profit and sales above the health of the consumer.