This issue has been making front page news since April of 2013 when the first major recall was issued. Our research found evidence that the problem goes back to a quite a few years earlier and only became a public issue after a number of tragedies. The problem is documented as early as 2001 when the first recall took place, and has now grown to involve well over 5 million vehicles with at least 4 deaths in the US and hundreds of serious injuries.

The Ruth Law Team wants to help you have a better understanding of what has happened, read a brief history of the problem and lookup your vehicle to see if it has been recalled.

Due to the advocacy of the legal community and the persistence of the media, both the automakers and Takata Corporation as well as the NHSTA are being compelled to take responsive action. While you may see advertisements from out-of-area law firms about this issue, you can be assured that our firm is highly qualified and experienced in this type of legal work.

The focus of the Ruth Law Team always has been and always will be fighting to Get Justice for those who have been injured through no fault of their own. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that involved any injury from the detonation of an airbag, please call the Ruth Law Team and to speak with an attorney who will answer any questions and advise you as to your rights. You may be entitled to a financial settlement. The call is free and we’re always available. 1-888-SteveRuth (1-888-783-8378)