General Motors recall after at least 13 deaths

By now most folks are well aware of the huge recall of over 1.6 million vehicles initiated by GM due to a defect in the ignition system that has been linked to at least 13 deaths. According to a recent CBS newscast, the CEO of GM—Mary Barra—sent a letter to Gm employees that said:

“We will hold ourselves accountable and improve our processes so our customers do not experience this again.”

While it’s a noble sentiment, there is growing public concern as to why it took at least 31 serious crashes and 13 fatalities before GM, which has known about the problem since 2004, did anything about it. And we can’t help but wonder if GM’s disclosure and recall would ever have happened without the lawsuit and subsequent investigation of the facts that took place by a lawyer on behalf of the parents of one of the victims, Brooke Melton.
According to CNN TV news show host, Michael Smerconish, it’s our legal system that we have to thank and specifically, a personal injury law firm. As Mr Smerconish so eloquently put it during a recent broadcast:

“We know what we know today only because of the Melton’s pursuit of justice, their willingness to file a lawsuit. Our civil justice system, it’s often maligned. But, you know, it remains a great check on our free enterprise system. Often, it serves as a more vigilant force than the government itself.”

If you’d like to hear this quote and related comment for yourself, play the video below.

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