Blow the Whistle on Car Manufacturers and You Could Received over a Hundred Thousand Dollars (Yes $100,000)

A law proposed by Senator Bill Nelson would create a right for any person to recover for themselves sums exceeding $100,000 for reporting a potential auto defect if a lawsuit about the defect exceeds a million dollars. It’s hoped that this new law will give monetary incentive to get more people to step forward sooner with warnings of possible car defects that cause accidents. It will allow people to help make roads safer and preempt the large scale and time consuming recalls brought against the car industry in recent years.

This type of legislation is similar to other private rights of action for federal enforcement actions known as qui tam. The most common form of qui tam involves the Federal False Claims Act, which was originated during the Civil War as a means of preventing people from defrauding the Federal Government in procurement bills. Amended in 1986 to cover nearly all branches of government, as well as a “fraud on the market” idea, qui tam actions can now be used successfully to reward whistleblowers nearly across the board. Legislation like Sen. Nelson’s bill can be expected to operate in a similar fashion to these qui tam actions.

The law firm of the Ruth Law Team has extensive experience pursuing plaintiffs’ law suits, and can assist you in your qui tam action. If you or a loved one knows of someone attempting to defraud the government, or, once Sen. Nelson’s bill passes, of any potential defect involving the auto industry, please don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys of the Ruth Law Team by emailing or calling 1-888-783-8378 any time.