In August 2017, a California jury awarded $417 million to a woman who developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based powder products, similar to recent $72 million and $55 million verdicts in Missouri.

Why Are People Suing Johnson & Johnson?

Evidence suggests talc products, when used for feminine hygiene purposes, increase the risk for ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Shower To Shower and other talcum powder products (like baby powder) has recently been hit with back-to-back multi-million dollar verdicts. After hearing weeks of evidence of corporate greed, separate juries in St. Louis, Missouri, awarded large verdicts ($72 million and $55 million) to families of victims who developed ovarian cancer after prolonged use of talcum powder for feminine hygiene. Both juries came to the same conclusions, finding it likely the long-term use of talcum powder caused the cancer AND that Johnson & Johnson likely knew about and hid these dangers from its customers. Evidence suggests the company has been aware of the potential risk for developing ovarian cancer since the 1970’s and continued to hide those dangers from the public!

The $72 million award issued in February of 2016 consisted of $10 million in compensatory damages (to cover economic and emotional losses) and $62 million in punitive damages in an attempt to send a serious message to Johnson & Johnson. There is no doubt these awards were based largely on the contention that Johnson & Johnson has known for decades of the possible link between cancer and ingredients in its talc products yet failed to warn the public of this hazard.

Similarly, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay a California woman $417 million, which included $347 million in punitive damages. Punitive damages were awarded to deter the defendant (Johnson & Johnson) and others from engaging in similar conduct such as hiding knowledge of the link between baby powder and ovarian cancer.

What Are Talc Products?

Talc is a mineral made of up various elements including magnesium, silicon and oxygen. Talc is ground to make talcum powder, which is used to absorb moisture and is widely available in various products including baby powder and adult products such as body and facial powder. Talc products regularly used in the genital area could increase the risk of ovarian cancer if the powder were to travel through the vagina, uterus and Fallopian tubes to the ovaries. As many as 10% of cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed each year may have been caused by regular use of talcum powder. We are continually appalled by the lack of corporate integrity in heeding negative data and warning consumers about potentially life threatening consequences.

The National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health have advised women to immediately stop using products with talc after a recent study found an increase in ovarian cancer related to using talc products as high as 36-41%. Other studies have also shown a similarly significant use/risk correlation.

What Are the Signs of Ovarian Cancer? outlines the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, stating that women are more likely to experience the following symptoms if the cancer has spread. Common symptoms include the following:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary problems such as urgency or frequency

Other symptoms might include:

  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach
  • Back pain
  • Abdominal swelling

If you experience these symptoms more than 12 times per month, the symptoms are persistent and/or represent a change from normal, it is recommended you see your gynecologist. Of course, these symptoms are not all-inclusive and may occur in women who do not have ovarian cancer. If you have questions about your health, speak with your physician.

Evidence suggests talcum powder could be linked to other types of cancer, including:

  • Serous Invasive Fallopian Tube Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer

Do I Have a Case Against Johnson & Johnson?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and used Johnson & Johnson powder products containing talc for a significant amount of time, call to consult with one of our lawyers who will be happy to help answer your questions and explain what legal remedy may be available for you. We may be able to obtain financial help for your medical bills and care, your pain and suffering, and even payment for both past and future lost wages. It is imperative you act immediately upon your diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Please be advised that certain time limits, or statute of limitations, may affect whether or not you have a case– so call today.

How Much Does An Attorney Cost?

The Ruth Law Team attorneys work for free unless and until we win your case. When you call us, you’ll speak directly with an attorney who will provide a FREE consultation. Please contact us directly for more information.


The Ruth Law Team is currently accepting cases nationwide against Johnson & Johnson on behalf of women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and, unaware of the risk, had used talc based products (ie. Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower To Shower body powder) for a number of years.

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