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The Public Expectation

We are a consumer-based society and as such we place great value on feeling that the products we purchase are safe to use. Medications and medical devices should help– not harm. We want our vehicles to function in a safe manner when maintained and driven properly. Parents expect their children’s toys to provide entertainment and education without unintended injury. For these reasons and more, our expectation is that manufacturers, distributors, and retailers need to be held to a standard that allows for the reasonable well-being of the consumer when their drugs and products are used within the intended and sensible guidelines.

The Reality

Unfortunately and more often than we’d like, the public falls victim to faulty, substandard or unsafe drugs and products. In such situations, a personal injury attorney with experience in the area of Products Liability law may be your best ally for seeking investigation and compensation for such damage.

The Ruth Law Team has been instrumental in revealing the danger of certain unsafe drugs and products contributing to the recall of such items and financial compensation for our clients. These cases have involved medications, medical devices (faulty surgical equipment, prosthetic implants, etc.), home use products, tools, and appliances.

How We Help With Unsafe Products Cases

Our firm has helped hundreds of people who have been harmed by unsafe drugs and products. We investigate all facets of their injury and the product failure (harmful drug effects, failed medical devices, dangerous products, etc.). We hire the independent experts needed to evaluate the damage and testify about the resulting damage.  We’re experienced in handling many types of product liability cases from initial case development through settlement negotiations and through trial if necessary.

The products liability attorneys at The Ruth Law Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to advise you as to what your best course of action may be. We may even be able to help you obtain any necessary medical treatment needed due to injury suffered from an unsafe product or medication. Please call (888) Steve-Ruth (888-783-8378) today to speak with one of our experienced products liability attorneys. The call is free and so is our service unless we win your case.

Unsafe Drugs & Products Currently Under Investigation:

Our products liability attorneys are located in the Tampa Bay Area but help victims across the country. Don’t hesitate — call today.