1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Apply early and often! Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the Sunshine State, but it is easily preventable through the regular application of sunscreen. So lather up before you get out in the sun this summer
  2. Don’t Drink and Drive! The beach is often a great place to relax and enjoy a few beverages of the adult type, but it’s vitally important to remember to drink responsibly and to designate a driver.
  3. Be safe while boating! Safe operation of watercraft is no laughing matter. This becomes even more vital in the summer, when more people take to the water for holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.
  4. Hydrate! Remember to always keep water handy, as dehydration can occur rapidly as the mercury rises this summer.
  5. Watch your children around the pool! Each year tragedy strikes the Sunshine State when children are left unattended around pools. It’s important to remember children can become stuck in drains and drown or can fall and knock their heads, resulting in needless tragedy.
  6. Be mindful of the dangers of fireworks! Each Fourth of July, people are injured by pyrotechnics because they don’t respect their power. This is especially true with children. Remember, fireworks are a dangerous instrumentality that should only be used by responsible adults.
  7. Lock your valuables in the car at the beach! Each year people needlessly go through the hassle and the expense of recovering lost or stolen items at the beach, if they’re able to recover them at all. The easiest way to avoid having to cancel your credit cards because a less-than-savory beachcomber pilfered them while you were in the water is to lock them in your car. Remember, hiding things in your shoe or under a towel isn’t hiding them at all.
  8. If you’re traveling, be sure to secure your home and ask a trusted friend to watch over it while you’re gone.
  9. Be on the lookout for scams! From card readers at gas stations, to phony vacation websites, it seems like the heat isn’t the only thing on the rise this summer.
  10. RELAX! Stress can be a real killer in the summer! High heat and family vacations can pile up to create unhealthy conditions for your heart. So relax, and remember to enjoy yourself in the sunshine state this summer.