Bay Area injuries increase with the temperatures

Unfortunately, the Tampa Bay area is experiencing an increase in the number of emergency calls related to children being left in cars.  Last year in Pinellas County alone, 183 emergency responses were noted, and St. Petersburg was responsible for 32 percent of them.

Recently, a two year old girl died after being left in a hot car for several hours in Sarasota.  The little girl was left in a car for several hours when her father forgot about her and went inside to take a nap.  When emergency personnel arrived, the child’s body temperature was 106 degrees.  Children overheat faster than adults and when a person overheats, they go from feeling dizzy, to thirty, to anxious, to a state of confusion, then experience seizures and comas, and ultimately death.  While this little girl was locked in her car for hours, it only takes minutes for a car parked in Florida’s summer heat to become dangerously hot and deadly.
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