A new report published yesterday by the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation has identified four popular automakers that are continuing to equip new 2016 and 2017 vehicles with dangerous and defective Takata airbags despite the fact they will all be subject to recall by 2018. Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi were listed in the report. The report was issued after an ongoing recall of more than 60 million vehicles from fourteen different automakers.

What’s The Problem?

The recall was initially put into place due to the deterioration, particularly under humidity and high temperatures— much like we experience right here in the Tampa Bay Area. The airbag interior, sensitive to moisture and lacking drying agents, can rupture and send shrapnel flying throughout the passenger vehicle. Over time, At least 11 people have died and more than 100 injuries have been reported from these dangerous airbags.

Takata Airbag Injures Tampa Bay Area Woman

The issue hits close to home. Today a Bay News 9 story identified Tampa Bay’s first victim of the Takata airbag. Tiffany Vu was sent to the hospital after the airbags in her 2004 Honda Accord sent pieces of metal flying throughout her vehicle. Ms. Vu experienced injuries to her arms and chest.

Now, some automakers are continuing to sell vehicles with defective airbags, defending the decision and saying it won’t pose a problem until the airbags actually deteriorate in a few years. Furthermore, these automakers are not required to tell consumers the vehicles carry the Takata airbags and will be subject to a recall in the future. Florida Senator Bill Nelson stated, “What’s trouling here is that consumers are buying new cars not realizing they’re going to be recalled. These cars shouldn’t be sold until they’re fixed.”

Vehicles being equipped with the defective Takata airbags include the following:

  • 2016 Volkswagen CC
  • 2016 Audi TT
  • 2017 Audi R8
  • 2016 & 2017 Mitsubishi i-MiEVe electric vehicles

Toyota and Fiat Chrysler have refused to name its new models containing the dangerous Takata airbags.

Unfortunately recall completion rates for the Takata airbag are very low, leaving millions of people at risk. As of March 2016, nationwide completion rates ranged from .04{7b0f9a613a6857e14562fa0a1b26cd067b995d91d673512a1ec838e971e7f3c9} to 39.5{7b0f9a613a6857e14562fa0a1b26cd067b995d91d673512a1ec838e971e7f3c9}. Find a complete timeline of the events leading up to the 2013 Takata airbag recall.

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