We have heard it time and time again: nothing on the Internet is private. We’ve seen social media users experience backlash and even lose jobs after posting controversial opinions, personal information or inappropriate content on social media. Many have learned to simply refrain from posting any information on the Internet or to maintain strict security settings. However, you may not realize that seemingly innocent content written online could jeopardize your personal injury claim. Following these tips can help ensure a positive outcome for your case.

Refrain From Posting Details About Your Case

If you are working with an attorney regarding your personal injury claim, it is best to keep all information regarding the case to yourself. This is especially important when posting online. Words and photos may be easily misconstrued, and you never know who could be viewing these updates. Do not post information about meetings with your attorney, and never include anything you would not directly say to the opposing party.

Keep Photos and Updates to a Minimum

Uploading photos of gatherings, recreational activities or even daily happenings could cast doubt on your personal injury claim, so it’s best to keep this to a minimum. Better yet, don’t post anything at all. You should also remind your friends and family not to write or speak about details regarding your accident or injuries while your case is pending.

Don’t Accept Requests From Strangers

While this is good advice no matter the situation, refraining from accepting new friend requests or followers from strangers is especially important when you have a pending claim. You never know who may be on the other end of the computer looking to gather personal information about you and your case.

Remember that anything you post online has the potential to be viewed by anyone, anywhere. The best thing to do is to simply stop using all social media accounts while your case is ongoing. Discontinuing the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts will prevent the defense team from gathering any sort of information about you or your daily activities that could ultimately be used against you.

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