Sleepy drivers, especially a hazard with long distance trucking, and semitrailer trucks are not just a bad combination, they are a serious danger on our highways. On the evening of Feb 6th shortly after 10:00PM, a semi crashed and overturned on I-75 near Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, as reported by the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue who were on the scene within minutes. Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved and the driver appears to have escaped serious injury.

Authorities believe that due to the driver lapsing into sleep, the truck hit a pole and the median guardrail before flipping over and spilling nearly 50 gallons of diesel fuel. The truck was filled with flour as its cargo, and two lanes of I-75 had to be closed while the truck was removed and the spilled fuel was cleaned up.

Accidents such as this are a reminder of the need for constant vigilance when on the road and in the vicinity of any large trucks.

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