What You Need to Know About A Power Morcellator & Why the FDA Is Strengthening Its Warnings Regarding This Product!!

What is it??

Never heard of a power morcellator? Don’t feel badly as it’s not a topic that comes up every day. But for the hundreds of thousands of women undergoing uterine surgery each year, they might want to become more knowledgeable about as it could have a serious impact on their long term health. What is it? If you wanted to compare it to a common kitchen appliance, the garbage disposal might be the closest comparison. Like our friend in the kitchen sink, the morcellator is used to chop up and then ultimately get rid of what is unwanted in the uterus. Think fibroid masses and uterine tissue that are pulverized (made into morsels, hence the name?) then extracted either laparoscopically or abdominally. Not a pleasant picture, but then most surgery isn’t a real pleasant topic for the general population.


What’s wrong with it? A Timeline:

  • 1995

Morcellators have been around for many years as surgical tools that worked by the turn of a crank. Now the FDA clears the way for the first such power tool.

  • 2009

The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists raises concern about the use of these surgical power tools and states their preference for vaginal surgery (which doesn’t require any morcellation) over either abdominal or laparoscopic hysterectomy.

  • 2012

Results are published of a study showing a 9 fold increase in the rate of cancer following the use of the power morcellator in uterine surgery. In brief, this is due to the chopping up and then disbursing of cancerous tissue within the uterus which then can result in serious and difficult to treat cases of cancer.

  • 2014

January  –  A task force is formed to investigate the risks inherent in the use of the power morcellator.

April 17 – FDA issues first recommendations suggesting limiting the use of the power morcellator in certain cases.

April 30 – Johnson & Johnson voluntarily suspends sales of its power morcellator.

Note: there are nearly 2 dozen models by other manufacturers.

July 14 – An FDA advisory committee recommends greater restrictions on the use of the power morcellator.

Nov 24 – The FDA upgrades its ruling to require a warning of potential risks to appear in print on boxes & for patients.


What does this mean for you?

While it’s apparent that at least some portion of the medical community has had a concern about this device since at least 2009, only recently has the issue been publicized thanks to the efforts of a number of concerned physicians and the legal community. Meanwhile, for a few million women who underwent surgery involving this tool, they face the risk of increased exposure to a potentially deadly form of uterine cancer which could have been either completely or substantially avoided if they’d been offered the facts and vaginal surgery instead. If this describes your situation, you may be eligible for a monetary settlement.


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