Think about the last time you were driving down the road and seemingly out of nowhere, a motorcycle comes barreling down the street,weaving in and out of lanes going twice the speed limit. We’ve all be there, and it is a terrifying situation. Or maybe you’ve been on a motorcycle yourself, minding your own business when a car unexpectedly cuts you off, forcing you to swerve into the next lane or slam on your breaks. Unfortunately, these types of scenarios are all-too familiar, and they cost people their lives every single day.

May’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is for both drivers and riders alike. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to keep the roads safe. Next time you hop in the car or on a motorcycle, consider the consequences of unsafe behavior on the road, and remember the following:

As a Driver:

  • As a driver, it is often difficult to gauge the speed of a motorcycle. Allow yourself plenty of time to change and space to change lanes or turn in either direction.
  • Always remember to look twice before changing lanes, as motorcycles can be difficult to see and may be in your blind spot.

As a Rider:

  • Be hypervigilant of the drivers around you. Oftentimes it is difficult for drivers to spot motorcycles and unfortunately, many drivers don’t even bother to look for them.
  • While riders over the age of 21 aren’t required by law to wear a helmet, we strongly encourage everyone to do so. Helmets are estimated to be 27% effective in preventing fatalities to riders and 41% effective in preventing passenger fatalities.

In 2015, there were 577 motorcycle riders killed in Florida, and many more were injured. Throughout the US, there were nearly 4700 motorcycle fatalities in 2015. It is a sobering statistic. We want the road to be safe for everyone, so to those driving cars: please look twice for motorcycles. For those riding on motorcycles: please be aware of your surroundings. To all drivers, please share the road. It belongs to everyone!

Motorcycle safety is not only the duty of the rider, but also the responsibility of other drivers. Sadly, as a personal injury law firm, we hear from victims of terrible accidents daily. If you were injured in an accident involving a motorcycle, contact the attorneys at The Ruth Law Team by calling 888-783-8378 or by filling out the free case evaluation form to the right of the page. Your call is 100% free, and as always, there are no fees or costs unless you win.