Law Team Recent Case Results

The cases mentioned below constitute a small selection handled by our law firm. Because every case is unique with specifics relating to circumstances of the accident, degree of negligence, and extent of injury, results shown here are not necessarily representative of the compensation that you can expect. To find out if your situation qualifies for legal action and how much compensation you might be eligible for, please call our office at 1-888-783-8378 for a free consultation with an attorney.

$2 Million – Car Accident Settlement

Settlement for a woman who was severely injured in a crash caused by a distracted driver. Our client suffered lifelong injuries including a traumatic brain injury and pelvic fractures and has spent a considerable amount of time in a rehabilitation center.

$63,000,000 – Verdict For Family Of Man Killed By A Negligent Driver

A 27 year old male was tragically killed on his motorcycle while riding on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in south St. Petersburg, FL. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at WestPoint and a professional athlete with a promising career, his life was cut short due to a negligent driver. Our experienced trial attorneys were contacted by the family of the victim and represented the deceased in order to seek justice on behalf of a wonderful person who lost his life due to the careless and dangerous actions of another. The decedent is survived by his mother and father who told a Pinellas County jury about their incredible loss. Despite contrary witness testimony, the Defendant maintained that he was not at fault all the way until trial. Through careful and complete pre-trial preparation along with skillful courtroom presentation, our attorneys presented a case intended to demonstrate that the defendant driver’s negligence was responsible for an accident that ended the very promising life of a wonderful young man. The jury returned a verdict of over $63,000,000.00 for the family. (Written authorization on file from the family to publish this information.)

$19.5 Million – Tobacco Trial Verdict

Our firm, along with co-counsel, earned a $19.5 million total verdict in Pasco County against a big tobacco company on behalf of a family who lost a wonderful husband and father to smoking-related illness

$1.797 Million – Car Accident Trial Verdict

In May 2019, a Pinellas County jury awarded our client $1.795 million after her car accident in which she suffered injuries to her neck resulting in surgery.

$5.8 Million – Tobacco Trial Verdict

A jury issued a verdict of $5.4 million in compensatory damages and $400,000 in punitive damages against two tobacco companies. Our client lost his wife to smoking-related illness and addiction.

$550,000 – Car Accident Settlement

Our attorneys were able to settle an auto accident case for $550,000 on behalf of a gentleman in St. Pete who was t-boned in his Honda Civic due to a negligent driver. Our client suffered injuries to the chest, back and neck. Additionally, he underwent surgery for his neck injuries shortly thereafter. We wish him the very best moving forward with his recovery.

$430,000 – Product Liability Settlement

The Ruth Law Team settled a case for $430,000 in April 2019 after years of fighting for the rights of a family who lost their loved one.

$125,000 – Car Accident Settlement

We resolved a serious car accident case in June 2019 for an Inverness woman who was hit by a driver who ran a stop sign. Our client’s car was a total loss, and our she dealt with a number of injuries.

$2.4 Million – Medical Malpractice

On behalf of our client and the client’s family, our firm worked diligently to ensure adequate compensation for a devastating incident of medical malpractice. Such results do not come easily, but only after many, many hours of work and months of litigation. While there is no way we can undo the harm that has been done, we achieve satisfaction in helping to provide the resources to enable our clients to obtain the ongoing care they will need.

$425,000 – Car Accident Settlement

The Ruth Law Team settled a case in May 2019 for a gentleman who was in a five-car pile up caused by an erratic driver. He underwent shoulder surgery as a result of being rear ended.

$688,000 – Car Accident Trial Verdict

When our client was hit by a distracted driver on I-4, the insurance company did not want to pay him a fair settlement for his injuries. We went to trial in May 2019 and obtained a $688,000 verdict from a Hillsborough county jury, which is significantly more than the insurance company offered.

$444,000.00 – Verdict for a Man Injured by an Uninsured Motorist

Our client suffered injuries to the head, neck and back when an uninsured motorist rear-ended him while sitting in traffic. The at-fault driver hit our client with enough force to propel him into another vehicle, which in turn, hit a fourth vehicle. After the accident, our client was unable to maintain his highly active lifestyle to the same extent he once did. A Pinellas County jury ruled against Geico Insurance Company in favor of our client, who was awarded a $444,000 verdict.

$800,000 To Man’s Family After Tragic Loss Due To Motorcycle Collision With Road Debris

A 37 year-old man was riding his motorcycle on I-275 in Tampa, Florida when he struck a wood pallet causing him to be thrown up in the air before hitting the roadway. The young man was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he lived in a coma for 11 days before dying from his head trauma. The man was a loving husband and father of two minor children. The wood pallet in the roadway had come from a company truck. The company responsible initially denied their involvement in causing the collision. After extensive litigation including many company depositions, our attorneys proved the company’s negligence in causing the unfortunate incident. The company settled for $800,000 shortly before the trial.

$230,000 Settlement For Accident

Accidents happen quickly and without warning. Our client was stopped at an intersection behind a large truck and suffered injury requiring spinal surgery when the truck backed into her vehicle. A lawsuit was filed against the driver and the company he worked for. This case was settled prior to trial for $230,000. The client expressed her gratitude and has provided written permission for this publication.

$175,000 Settlement For Auto Accident

Our client’s car was struck by a driver who ran a red light resulting in a closed head injury and a shoulder tear.

$100,000 Settlement For Motorcycle Accident in Pasco. From our client: “I’ve been very pleased with the service from [the firm], especially Amy Catledge’s expert help. I’m so thankful for all that Amy has done and is still doing for me.”

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to distracted drivers on the road.  Our client was in a medically induced coma for three weeks after a motorcycle crash in Pasco County. He endured several fractures in his face, hand and leg, all requiring surgery.  By the time the client was awake, we had recovered full liability limits of the at fault driver’s insurance policy.

$225,000 Settlement And Client’s Endorsement

On the eve of trial, our firm obtained a $225,000 settlement for a woman who injured her neck as the result of a low speed rear-end collision in Tampa on I-275. The client writes that her attorney was “prompt and intelligent. He took care of issues quickly.” She went on to state that she “will definitely, if needed, use his services again. The staff was always friendly and returned all calls. And he is my favorite lawyer!”

Over $350,000 for Pedestrian Recovered

Our law firm recovered over $350K for a woman struck as a pedestrian at night in a disputed liability claim. Our client required an extensive hospital and rehabilitation for injuries including a broken pelvis, closed head injury and low back injury. Her comments; “I’ve been very pleased with the service from [this firm], especially Amy Catledge’s expert help. I’m so thankful for all that Amy has done and is still doing for me.

$339,000 Settlement for Bicyclist in Dunedin

Our firm recovered $339,000 for a bicyclist who injured his back when he was hit by a careless driver. His injuries required back surgery.  The careless driver carried $100,000 in insurance limits and our client received those policy limits from the at fault driver. On the eve of trial, our client’s own insurance company paid $229,000 from the client’s under-insured motorist policy after the insurance company originally denied the claim.

Additional Results

  • $200,000 settlement for a gentleman who was bicycling on a city street and caught his hand/handlebar on a utility wire, causing him to sustain multiple fractures when he flipped over his bicycle.
  • $35,000 settlement to a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident while driver was under the influence of alcohol.
  • $60,000 as a result of injury resulting from an accident in which a negligent driver struck our client who was waiting to make a left turn.
  • $50,000 for our client who was a pedestrian in a retail parking lot when struck by a car.
  • $100,000 recovery for our client, a passenger who suffered a broken right arm in a single car collision in Pasco County.
  • $160,000 to our client after being hit by a car which ran a stop sign.
  • $22,000 settlement for a passenger in a car hit during a left hand turn.
  • $60,000 recovery for driver who fractured her arm in a car accident while she was visiting family in Florida from out of state.
  • $100,000 to a resolve a claim arising from a rear end collision.
  • $200,000 to a passenger who was injured when the car he was in was struck while merging onto a road way.
  • $60,000 paid to our client who was involved in a boating accident.
  • $17,000 payment to our client who was injured in a car that was rear-ended.
  • $14,300,000 to parents of car crash victim with a jury verdict for wrongful death of their son.
  • $2,900,000 in a severe car crash – victim suffered multiple strokes caused by injuries resulting from the collision and ultimately died.
  • $950,000 in head on collision. The victim was a passenger and sustained multiple fractures, collapsed lung, and lacerated spleen.
  • $90,0000 recovered for our client who was a bicyclist hit by a Pinellas County park ranger. The Ruth Law Team achieved a favorable settlement against Pinellas County for the negligence of their employee who injured our client while riding his bike.
  • $1,200,000 for a nursing home resident attacked by fire ants in bed. Our client was covered in blisters on arm, neck, back & upper torso and was unable to get out of bed. No one came to help.
  • $750,000 to a young victim hit by a cement truck. Our client sustained significant back injuries including syringomyelia. She is on permanent disability from her injuries.
  • $1,000,000 recovered for a quadriplegic in nursing home who developed enormous pressure sores on her hips which became severely infected and led to her death.
  • $800,000 for our client who sustained numerous injuries while in a nursing home including infections, bedsores, falls and ultimately death. Our firm was able to successfully argue for punitive damages against the nursing home.
  • $1,035,000 recovery for our client who was severely injured when hit by a tractor trailer. The victim was drug by the trailer causing fractures, torn muscles, permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • $ 420,000 recovered for victim who was severely injured in a car collision with a garbage truck. Victim’s vehicle completely crushed. Our client had a TMJ injury that required surgery.
  • $1,000,000 settlement for a child who suffered severe oxygen deprivation and brain damage when the nurses failed to monitor her tube feeding, leading to the child aspirating her feeding. A nurse also had removed the oxygen monitor so it did not sound an alarm.
  • $ 650,000 settlement for the family of a victim who died after inhaling fumes from a sealant product produced and sold nationally. The product is known to cause serious injury and death but no warnings and no recall was issued.
  • $ 1,000,000+ in recoveries for defective hip implants. The cumulative recovery exceeds 1 million.
  • $ 360,000 recovered for victim who took drug for several weeks and suffered severe kidney and muscle damage. The drug was ultimately recalled.
  • $ 250,000 settlement for victim who sustained significant lung injuries when her car caught fire. Our investigation revealed a known defect in the electrical system. The case was against the vehicle manufacturer.
  • $ 250,000 received for our client who was rear ended on the highway. The vehicle rolled several times and the victim sustained multiple fractures and lacerations.
  • $ 300,000 settlement for victim given multiple unauthorized enemas within several hours causing a perforated bowel. This resulted in our client having to have a colostomy for the remainder of her life.
  • $ 250,000 recover for motorcycle driver hit when a car made improper U-turn in front of him. The victim was ejected from the bike hitting the vehicle and falling to the pavement. He suffered shoulder injury resulting in arthroscopic surgery, abrasions, open arm fracture, fracture of the thumb requiring surgery and bruising to his upper ribs.
  • $ 250,000 settlement for our client severely injured when another driver turned left in front of her causing the collision. She suffered from multiple neck herniations that requiring neck surgery to fuse three vertebrae together.
  • $ 250,000 recovered for victim of sustained multiple falls, fractured arm, infections, bedsores on back and heels, and became malnourished and dehydrated.
  • $ 257,500 for victim in significant crash with a rock hauler that ran a red light.  The driver was ejected from the vehicle and suffered multiple fractures, abrasions and facial wounds.
  • $ 350,000 settlement for a victim admitted to nursing home for rehab following surgery, with expectation to return home to her husband. A catheter was inserted improperly which perforated her bladder. This lead to infection and ultimately her death.
  • $ 275,000 recovered for car accident victim who was severely injured when her vehicle was hit by a commercial truck that crossed over into her lane.  She experienced permanent neck, jaw and shoulder injuries and had to undergo surgery on her neck.
  • $ 350,000 settlement for victim of head on car crash.  Our client and her husband sustained significant injuries, including multiple fractures, when a driver crossed over into oncoming traffic and hit them head on.
  • $ 250,000 recovered for a nursing home resident who sustained multiple falls, fractured arm, developed infections, bedsores on back and heels, and became malnourished and dehydrated.
  • $ 325,000 for a pedestrian that was hit by a large corporate truck.
  • $ 350,000 settlement for driver sideswiped by a commercial vehicle.  The victim suffered neck and low back injury resulting in lumbar laminectomy. The driver also suffered from depression and anxiety which was aggravated by this collision.
  • $ 275,000 obtained for a driver rear ended at high rate of speed while stopped in traffic for a school bus.  Our client sustained significant injury to his knee, resulting in surgery as well as injuries to his neck and a concussion.
  • $ 260,000 for victim rear rear ended at high rate of speed.  She suffered injury to her neck requiring surgery and also an injury to her shoulder requiring surgery.
  • $ 250,000 settlement for victim injured when hit head on by commercial truck.  She experienced significant injuries including compound fracture of tibia and fibula that broke through the skin requiring surgical repair.
  • $ 350,000 recovery for a victim injured in car crash when hit from behind by a drunk driver and suffered multiple injuries including injury to knee requiring surgery.
  • $ 840,000 settlement for resident of rehab facility caused death from malnutrition and infections from pressure sores due to neglect.
  • $ 250,000 recovery for nursing home resident.  The nursing home’s negligence caused bedsores on back and heels which became infected.
  • $ 375,000 recovery for victim that suffered multiple falls and a fractured hip while at an assisted living facility.
  • $ 262,500 obtained for victim admitted to the hospital following infection in recently replaced hip. While in the hospital he was not appropriately turned and re-positioned and he developed a large bedsore on his back which reached down to the bone.
  • $ 300,000 for slip and fall victim at shopping mall when cleaning crew failed to mark wet areas – fracture and surgery.
  • $ 250,000 settlement for victim took drug for several months and required heart surgery.  The drug was ultimately recalled.
  • $ 292,500 recovery for hospital victim who developed bedsores on his back while a patient in the hospital.

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