“No legal fight is so tough that the leadership, experience, and skill of our team can’t overcome to get the justice you deserve.  –Steve Ruth

Attorney Steve Ruth

Steven C. Ruth, Managing Attorney

When an insurance company says my client isn’t injured and doesn’t deserve payment, they’re lying. “Get Justice” is more than just our website, it’s what we do for our clients.
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Attorney Jessica Shahady

Jessica E. Shahady, Attorney

I practice with empathy and compassion because in the field of personal injury law, all injuries are personal.
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personal injury attorney Jenna Ruth at The Ruth Law Team

Jenna C. Ruth, Attorney

The law is challenging. I’m energized by that, and I especially love handling all the difficult details for my clients so they can focus on recovering from their injuries.
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Attorney Eric Roslansky

Eric D. Roslansky, Attorney

If insurance companies did the right thing and took care of people who are injured, I wouldn’t have a job. Because they don’t, I’ve never been busier.
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Austin Grinder

Austin J. Grinder, Attorney

Every case is different and every client is unique. I find our work as interesting as it is rewarding.
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Nicole Davis - Products Liability Attorney

Nicole E. Davis, Attorney

I thrive on helping our clients level the playing field against large corporations.
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Amy Catledge

Amy A. Catledge, Attorney

The satisfaction of resolving a claim, no matter how big or small, for one of our clients, motivates me to work hard every day.
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