Florida personal injury lawyers

We have always dedicated ourselves to helping those who have suffered injury or death as a result of another’s negligence. We represent only injured persons and their families. We do not and will not represent insurance companies, governmental organizations or corporations. We take our promise to our clients very seriously.

Most of the injury claims handled by our firm are brought against major corporations and insurance companies that spare no expense in their goal to minimize any potential recovery. Many small firms lack the resources, both from a financial and personnel standpoint, to pursue cases against major corporations and insurance companies.

At The Ruth Law Team, we have the legal and financial resources to litigate against major corporations and insurance companies. Our firm will expend whatever time and costs are necessary to successfully represent our clients, and our firm’s resources are available to all our clients, whether the case involves a multi-million dollar nursing home matter or a modest motorcycle accident.

Our type of practice requires obtaining and reviewing substantial medical records and conducting detailed investigations to determine the cause of the injuries or death as the case may be. In that regard, the firm has built a diverse team including attorneys, investigators, paralegals and other support staff.

While our main offices are in St. Petersburg, Florida , Brunswick, Georgia and St. Paul, Minnesota, we maintain offices in other cities to meet our clients and we will come to you for home or hospital visits when necessary.

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