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Between the busy tourist seasons and the ever-increasing population, driving in the Sunshine State is often overwhelming at best and busy at worst. All too often, motorists on highways and local roads fail to give their full attention to operating their motor vehicle. Unsurprisingly, rear-end accidents are cited as one of the most frequent automobile accidents across Florida.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, approximately 87% of rear-end collisions occur as a result of distracted driving. Many drivers fail to realize the serious and significant injuries they can cause when they fail to pay attention to the road. However, the repercussions of distracted driving can often be severe. According to the Insurance Information Institute, rear-end crashes are responsible for a staggering 7% of all fatal crashes.

Being the victim of a rear-end collision can result in significant tolls to your mental and physical wellbeing, and it’s important that you receive the compensation you deserve. The Ruth Law Team is the legal partner you need if you’ve been involved in read-end collision. Our rear-end accident lawyers in St. Petersburg, FL, have the experience and expertise to guide you through the legal process. Our reputation stands for itself, with over $100 million in judgements for victims of vehicle-related injuries since 2004. Our goal is to fight tirelessly to ensure you receive compensation you deserve and have access to the resources necessary for recovery.

If you’ve been hit from behind while driving, you may have the grounds for file a claim. To learn more about the services our rear-end crash lawyers offer and how they can help you win your case, contact us today. Simply call our office or fill out our online contact form for more information. We provide free consultations and case reviews, allowing you to focus on receiving compensation instead of attorney fees.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

Many motorists don’t realize that the results of a rear-end collision can be much more dangerous than other types of road accidents. When your vehicle is hit at an angle or side-swiped in traffic, your car’s built-in safety features deploy. These features provide you with an added layer of protection and help prevent you from losing control of the vehicle, ultimately attempting to the safety of you and those around you.

Unfortunately, these features don’t always provide the same level of protection when a driver rear-ends you. The exact results of a rear-end collision can vary based on a number of factors, such as whether or not you were stopped, how fast the car that hit you was going, and whether or not your car hit anything else as a result of being rear-ended. In many cases, a rear-end collision causes your body to lurch forward. If the driver struck your vehicle at a high speed, this could result in significant injuries to your neck, back, head, and brain. It may also  lead to broken bones, cuts, abrasions, and even death.

Rear-end collisions can occur on any roadway and at any time. However, understanding what factors often lead to rear-end collisions can help you reduce your risk and remain aware of other potentially dangerous drivers while on the road. In almost all cases, they occur due to negligence on behalf of another party, but also include other factors. Common causes of rear-end collisions include:

  • Distracted drivers (i.e., texters)
  • Drunk drivers
  • Defective vehicle mechanics
  • Failure to maintain a safe vehicle (i.e., driving with bald tires)
  • Speeding or driving too fast for weather conditions
  • Road rage
  • Heavy traffic
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions
  • Improperly maintained roadways

If you’ve been struct from behind due to a driver’s negligence, The Truth Law Team may be able to help. Our experienced rear-end crash attorneys can provide you with the resources necessary to fight for the compensation you’re legally entitled.

What Happens Next?

Being the victim of a rear-end collision is often both jarring and mentally taxing, causing victims an undue amount of stress. Unfortunately, this leads to many victims not pursuing justice. The legal process is definitely difficult to navigate, but that’s why The Ruth Law Team is here to help. We will guide you through the entire legal process, doing the heavy lifting for you so that you can spend time resting and recovering.

Throughout our years of experience, we’ve developed a simple and effective three-step process to build and resolve your cases. The three key steps include:

The first phase for any potential legal claim requires us to do some initial research to determine the validity of your case. To file a claim on your behalf, we must gather documentation to provide that you experienced significant damages or that the rear-end collection affected your life in a major way. We accomplish this by collecting essential documents related to your case, such as medical bills, records, and insurance policy information. By reviewing these documents, our rear-end accident lawyers can gain an in-depth understanding of the incident, effectively structuring the claim as an essential part of the negotiation process.

During the second step, our rear-end accident attorneys conduct their own research regarding your case. Typically, they begin by gathering important information, such as police reports from the incident, any related video and images taken at the scene of the accident, vehicle inspection information, witness statements, and other evidence that supports your case. We will also take our own photographs, request applicable local security footage, and review the scene for any additional information that may have been missed initially. Ultimately, our rear-end accident lawyers perform a root-cause analysis, allowing them to clearly demonstrate negligence on the defendant’s behalf.

Once the rear-end collision attorney has developed your case, they will begin negotiations. Most accident-related injury claims are settled outside of court. This is especially true in instances involving the defendant’s negligence, as going to trial may result in you receiving higher monetary compensation.

However, it’s important to note that in some cases, there is a risk associated with going to trial. Jurors can choose to rule in favor of the defense due to the circumstances of the accident. Therefore, your rear-end accident lawyer will carefully walk you through each proposed settlement offer in detail. You can choose whether you’d like to accept the defense’s settlement or take the case to trial. In each scenario, our team will fight diligently for a favorable judgment. /p>

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Rear-End Accident Attorneys

The Ruth Law Team has helped hundreds of clients seek justice after an automobile accident in the last 35 years. If you’ve been involved in a rear-end collision, our team may be able to help you, too. Our rear-end crash lawyers can provide you with knowledgeable and high-quality legal counsel in-person at any of our offices in Florida, and can make appointments to meet with clients at their preferred location.

The attorneys of The Ruth Law Team include:

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Holding distracted and negligent drivers responsible for their actions is essential and helps protect yourself and others on the road in the future. If you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident, The Ruth Law Team has a proven track record of success and is ready to help you build your case.  Our attorneys are highly qualified and experienced in motor accident laws and ready to help you seek a fair judgment.

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