There’s plenty to love about living in The Peach State, which offers a temperate climate, natural beauty, affordable living, tons of activities and entertainment, and of course, friendly, diverse, and welcoming communities. Unfortunately, living in this populous and popular state could also expose you to a wide number of risks for accidents. 

For example, there are upward of 400,000 vehicle crashes annually. In 2019, these accidents resulted in nearly 1,500 deaths

While many accidents are settled by insurance providers for the drivers, passengers, and others involved, it’s not unusual to find yourself fighting for the settlement you need to cover damages, pay medical bills, and get back to your life. 

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If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one to a vehicle collision, medical malpractice, a trip and fall accident, or other circumstances that were caused by others, you need a qualified and compassionate Georgia personal injury attorney to help you navigate a fair settlement.

The experienced lawyers at The Ruth Law Team are committed to helping you seek the compensation you deserve, so you can focus your full attention on the recovery process. 

Finding the Right Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

When insurance providers, corporate entities, or private parties are responsible for your injury or the death of a loved one, you deserve compensation. But you may find yourself fighting an uphill battle against tactics designed to delay payment or deny coverage outright. 

If you’re tired of dealing with the runaround, The Ruth Law Team has the experience and resources to fight for justice and compensation on your behalf. 

When it comes to finding the right Georgia personal injury attorney, the first thing you’ll want to look for is a law firm that has experience in settling or winning cases like yours. You should also seek professionals that are committed to providing the best legal services at a price you can afford.

The Ruth Law Team works on contingency, which means you won’t pay out of pocket for our services. We take on the cost of building your case and we don’t get paid until a settlement or winning verdict is reached. 

Our compassionate team of attorneys is available 24/7 by phone, live chat, or email to address all of your questions and concerns. We excel in a wide array of injury-related practice areas and we’re ready to help you fight for the compensation that you’re due. 

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Our Areas of Practice

The best Georgia personal injury attorney will have experience fighting for settlements or positive verdicts in cases like yours. The Ruth Law Team handles cases related to:

Perhaps you’ve been injured in an automobile accident and the insurance company is delaying payment in the hopes that you’ll settle for a fraction of what you deserve. Perhaps you were attacked and injured by a dog, but the owner is claiming that you provoked the animal. Maybe you lost a loved one to medical negligence and you’re fighting the hospital and their insurance provider, as well. 

The Ruth Law Team has the experience and resources to go up against insurance companies and corporate entities that are intent on giving you the runaround. You’ve suffered enough. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on what’s truly important – your health and wellbeing. 

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Why Hire The Ruth Law Team?

At The Ruth Law Team, we’ve proudly fought for justice in cases like yours for over 40 years. We’re committed to doing everything we can to make your life easier. That’s why we offer 24/7 availability, come to meet you wherever you are, and work on contingency, so you never pay a dime out of pocket. 

We’ll may even be able to connect you with health care options that won’t require payment until your case is settled to eliminate the stress of unpaid medical bills.

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We act as advocates for our clients – we work for you, not the insurance company, which means that your interests are our sole concern. Our comprehensive legal services are designed to facilitate a fast, fair settlement.

From record collection and depositions to research and filing, we manage every aspect of your case. Although we’ll always try to negotiate a settlement out of court, we’re also prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. 

How We Can Help You

The Georgia personal injury attorneys at The Ruth Law Team have the qualifications to provide legal advice, support, and representation when you’re dealing with an injury or the death of a loved one due to the negligence of others. 

Our compassionate legal professionals understand the difficulties you’re facing. Our goal is to shoulder some of that burden so you can focus on recovery. 

We’re available 24/7 via phone, live chat, or email to address any questions or concerns you might have, so you’ll never feel like you’re in the dark where your case is concerned. 

Even better, we don’t require any upfront payment. When you’re injured and unable to work or you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, the last thing you need to worry about is an additional expense. You’ll never pay out of pocket for our services. When we negotiate your settlement or when your case, that’s when we get paid. 

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