You might be surprised to find out there is. If you haven’t seen the NBC special report ( View Part I  and  Part II ) which aired on 9/2 & 9/3/15, you should. If you’ve had a retrievable IVC Filter (Intra Vena Cava Filter) placed in your circulatory system, you may be at risk of failure and even death yet have no symptoms or knowledge of the danger. (More about our current investigation).


We recommend that anyone with such a device be checked out by their doctor immediately to ascertain whether or not the filter is still in place and functioning properly.

Thousands of these devices have been surgically implanted since they came into general use in 1979, and while many seem to be functioning with no apparent problem, an alarming number of adverse incidents have been reported. The problem occurs when these devices either move out of the spot where they were implanted or break apart. If either of these scenarios happens, there’s a high likelihood the device could migrate to either your lungs or your heart. This is a life threatening situation requiring emergency medical intervention.

While the medical danger is alarming, what makes this especially distressing is the way it’s been handled. Emerging reports suggest the medical device manufacturer Bard, despite an increasing number of reports early on citing injury and even death, decided against recalling their product. The FDA has issued numerous warnings and civil litigation is ongoing. If you have questions or concerns about your medical condition, please contact your health care provider immediately. If your legal rights are a concern, please give us a call (1-888-783-8378) and speak with one of our attorneys today.