Presently there are no significant group settlements involving the use of Invokana and its resulting or leading to heart attacks or ketoacidosis.  A few lawsuits have been filed during the last months of 2015 in Missouri and Illinois. The first step in the Invokana litigation is to determine federal court jurisdiction issues, and that is just beginning.

This type of litigation (against the manufacturer of Invokana) will also involve a discovery stage which could take considerable time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The lawsuits need to sort out the specific interaction between the use of Invokana and kidney failure, heart problems, and ketoacidosis as well as why the manufacturer failed to warn of such dangers. (Read more on the complications of Invokana usage here)

“Bad drug” cases are not actually “class actions”, although the media will often use this term. Rather, they are individual lawsuits which are brought on behalf of our clients. Generally, most of the cases will eventually be joined together in Federal court before one Judge who is appointed to supervise discovery of  the facts and the investigation and which can then lead to a possible group settlement. These consolidations are called MDL’s (Multi District Litigations).  Each case remains separate, and no one can be required to resolve his/her case as part of the general group.  Each of our clients will decide whether they wish to settle or to seek a jury decision on the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

We are continuing to accept clients who have suffered harm as a result of taking Invokana. If you or a loved one has questions about or an interest in pursuing your right to financial compensation due to personal injury from Invokana, please call us today to speak with one of our experienced drug litigation attorneys or complete an online request form. 1-888-783-8378.