Guide to Buying Auto Insurance in Florida

The Adjuster is Not Your Friend: 
Your Guide to FL 
Auto Insurance

by The Ruth Law Team

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As a personal injury law firm, we have a greater appreciation for the importance of being protected by adequate insurance coverage any time you take to a Florida road. What type of insurance do we recommend Florida drivers carry? You'll learn what (and why) by downloading our free information booklet.

1     Why You Should Listen to Us

We aren't selling you anything, and we want you to learn from our experience and expertise.

2     What You Want vs. What You Need

State laws define what you are legally required to have, but is that enough?

    What Kind of Shopper You Are

Do you sacrifice important coverage to save a bit of money each month?

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The Ruth Law Team hopes this free information will make getting your car repaired faster and easier. We are always here to answer questions and provide legal information and representation in order to
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2    What You Want vs. What You Need

We explain:

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