Should I hire a self-driving car accident lawyer after an accident with a Tesla?

If you were injured in an accident that involved a self-driving car like a tesla, then you may be entitled to compensation. The best way to find out is to book a free consultation with a self-driving car accident lawyer from The Ruth Law Team. They will review your case... read more?

How much will it cost to hire a self-driving car accident attorney?

Being involved in a self-driving car accident can be traumatic. The last thing that you should have to worry about is coming up with the money to pay for an attorney. That is why our self-driving car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.... read more?

What should I do after getting in a car accident with a Tesla?

The first thing that you should do after being involved in any vehicle accident including an accident with a self-driving car like a Tesla is to seek medical treatment. Even if your injuries appear to be minor, adrenaline can dull the sense of pain and... read more?

Will my self-driving car accident case go to trial?

You will help to make the final decision as to whether your case goes to trial or not. Oftentimes, your self-driving car accident lawyer will be able to settle your case out of court. We are expert negotiators. We will file a strong claim that will make the defense hesitant to... read more?

Have you tried self-driving car accident cases before?

The Ruth Law Team has tried virtually every type of vehicle accident case that you can imagine. Despite the fact that self-driving car accident cases are a bit more complex, we rely on a proven formula to build a strong case for you.

Can the automaker be held liable after an accident?

There is a chance that the automaker could be liable for any vehicle accident, including self-driving car crashes. If our team finds that the automaker produced an unsafe product or failed to issue a recall when it was necessary, then we will make every effort to hold them accountable.

Can I file a claim against multiple parties?

Personal injury claims are not limited to a single person or company. Our firm will help you to file a claim against any involved parties, if necessary. Any entity that played a role in causing your accident needs to be held accountable. We will engage in negotiations with any of these liable parties and strive to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf.

Who is liable for my accident?

Every vehicle crash is unique. Accidents involving self-driving cars are even more complex than a standard crash. If you have gotten into such an accident, speak with a self-driving car accident lawyer like those at The Ruth Law Team. During our review of your incident, we will strive to... read more?

Does it matter if the vehicle was altered?

If the vehicle owner disabled any essential safety equipment for their self-driving vehicle, then the manufacturer may be cleared from any liability. However, these actions also enhance the liability of the vehicle owner. Self-driving vehicles are more complex than traditional... read more?

How much will my self-driving accident settlement be?

Despite our long history of recovering fair settlements for our clients, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome in your case. With that being said, the defense team will take notice when you have The Ruth Law Team in your corner. To date, we have obtained over $100 million... read more?