Should I hire a rollover crash lawyer?

If you have been involved in a rollover crash, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You have an especially strong claim if you have suffered serious injury or missed significant time from work. While each rollover crash is different, The Ruth Law Team provides free consultations. This allows us to assess your case and determine if you have grounds for a personal injury claim. If you... read more?

How much will it cost to hire a rollover accident attorney?

The last thing that you should have to worry about when involved in a rollover crash is paying for an attorney. That is why The Ruth Law Team operates on a contingency basis. Not only do we offer free consultations, but we only charge you after we have recovered a settlement. If we cannot reach a settlement agreement with the defense, we may take your case to trial. Our fee will be a... read more?

What should I do after getting in a rollover accident?

If you are involved in a rollover accident or any other type of crash, the first step should be to seek medical attention for any injuries. Even if your injuries appear to be minor, you should receive immediate care. Do not put off your treatment. After the dust has settled and you take care of your immediate medical needs, you should consider contacting a rollover accident lawyer. During... read more?

Will my rollover crash case go to trial?

Many vehicle crash cases can be settled out of court. We will work diligently to reach a favorable settlement so that you can avoid going to trial. However, you will ultimately decide how your case is handled. If you are not satisfied with the settlement offer and the case cannot be settled during mediation, then trial is the next step in the legal process. ... read more?

Have you tried rollover crash cases before?

Yes, The Ruth Law Team is experienced in handling rollover crashes and other vehicle accidents. We have a great track record of success as rollover crash attorneys. In fact, we have recovered over $63 million over the past seven years for our clients who were the victims of crash-related injuries. ... read more?

How do I avoid a rollover crash?

There are several things that you can do to reduce your risk of being involved in a rollover crash. One of the best things that you can do to avoid being in a crash of any kind is to never drink and drive. You should also focus on the road and always abide by the speed limit. If the weather is bad, slow down and use extra caution. ... read more?

Are certain vehicles higher risk for rollover crashes?

Yes, some vehicles are at a higher risk of rollover than others. SUVs and pickup trucks are more likely to overturn during a crash. This is because these types of vehicles have a higher center of gravity. Knowing the limitations of your driving ability and your vehicle will help you avoid a rollover crash. While you should always drive with caution, you must adjust your driving habits when... read more?

What should I do when a rollover crash occurs?

Above, we discussed what to do after your crash. It is also important to know what steps to take while still on scene. If your vehicle is overturned or begins to roll, do you best to stay calm. After your vehicle stops moving, take a moment to reorient yourself to your surroundings. Conduct a quick self-assessment to check for injuries. If you do not feel you have any injuries that will... read more?

What are the odds that I will obtain a settlement?

Each case is different. However, our expert team of rollover crash lawyers will make every effort to build a strong case for you. During your consultation, we will assess the facts of your crash and provide valuable legal counsel. We have decades of experience in the personal injury field and are expert negotiators. We will work tirelessly to obtain a favorable settlement offer from the... read more?