Why isn’t my insurance company paying all of my medical bills?

Florida is a No-Fault State, which means that if I am in a car accident – regardless of who is at fault – my automobile insurance is going to pay the first $10,000.00 of my medical bills. This is known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). However, my insurance... read more?

What should I do if asked to give a statement after an accident?

If you have had an accident in recent months, your insurance claims adjuster may ask for a recorded statement. Sometimes, when you give a statement, it can expedite the investigation, and it can speed up the process of your settlement claim. However, all too... read more?

What are the symptoms of having a concussion?

Concussions are the most common kind of head injury, affecting millions of people in the US every year. They are frequently associated with sports-related accidents, but can also be caused by car accidents, trip and fall injuries, falling objects, and assaults. Depending on the extent of... read more?

Should I be concerned if I have suffered a concussion?

Concussions are the most common kind of head injury, affecting millions of people in the US every year. Known as a mild traumatic brain injury, concussions are generally caused by bumps, blows or jolts to the head or body, causing the brain to move in the skull and affect normal... read more?

Will being in a car accident make my insurance rates go up?

When you are found to be not at fault for an accident, your insurance company should not raise your rates on your policy for having to use the coverages afforded to you under state law and that you have specifically purchased to protect yourself when an accident... read more?

Why does my insurance company have to pay my medical bills after an accident?

Florida is known as a No-Fault State.  Every automobile insurance policy issued in Florida has a provision called Personal Injury Protection.  This is also known as PIP or Florida No-Fault coverage.  When an automobile accident occurs, regardless... read more?

Can I file a claim against the city?

You may be able to file a claim against the municipality in which your crash occurred. If the city failed to provide a safe means of bicycle travel or failed to maintain working traffic signals, then they may share some fault for the incident. Your bike accident lawyer will ensure that they... read more?

Is anyone else liable for my injuries?

Other parties may have contributed to your injuries. For example, if the person that struck you was intoxicated, then the establishment that served them alcohol may be liable in what’s known as a dram shop case. During the investigation phase, our bike accident attorneys will gather any... read more?

How long will it take to settle my bike accident case?

Our bike accident lawyers will work diligently to bring your case to a rapid conclusion. Your case will be resolved with greater speed if the defense makes a fair and acceptable settlement offer. While we are fully prepared to take your case to trial, doing so will take more time.

Does it matter that I was riding my bike at night?

No, but it is important that you have the proper safety equipment on your bicycle when you ride at night. Safety equipment should include a white light on the front of your bicycle and a red flashing light on the back. It is important to note that bicycle lighting requirements... read more?

I was not wearing a helmet. Does that matter?

It depends. If your state requires that bicyclists wear helmets, then it may influence your claim. However, it will not automatically disqualify you from filing a personal injury suit. This is especially true if the driver was clearly at fault. During a bike crash, the cyclist... read more?

Have you tried bicycle accident cases before?

Yes, The Ruth Law Team has tried virtually every type of vehicle accident case imaginable, including those involving bicycles. We have recovered over $65 million for clients (since 2014 alone) that were injured in vehicle accidents.

While every case is different, our skilled... read more?

Will my bike accident case go to trial?

You can ultimately help to decide whether your case will go to trial. During the negotiation phase, your bicycle injury lawyer will present any settlement offer to you. If you choose to accept it, then we will pass that on to the defense and resolve your case. If they fail to make a fair offer,... read more?

What should I do after getting in a bike accident?

The first thing that you should do after being involved in any type of accident is to seek medical attention. This is especially important after a bike accident because you generally have minimal physical protection. Even if you do not feel any immediate symptoms, it is best... read more?

How much will it cost to hire a bike injury attorney?

Being involved in a bike crash is a terrifying experience. If you were involved in a bike accident, the last thing you need to worry about is paying for bike injury attorney. Fortunately, The Ruth Law Team works on a contingent-fee basis. This means that our attorneys will... read more?