Should I File a Claim After A Car Accident?

One common reason people consider filing a claim after a car accident in Tampa is to cover any obvious medical bills. What people are often unaware of is that many other reasons exist that could be considered when filing a claim. This is a crucial reason to hire a trustworthy and experienced car accident lawyer, because they can help pursue the maximum available compensation. An attorney will... read more?

What Factors Should I Consider With Car Accident Claims in Tampa?

One common and important service our Tampa car accident lawyers offer is a deep and meticulous understanding of what Florida law permits in a car accident claim. This includes the available limits of your potential compensation based on both your individual insurance policy and the policy of the at-fault party.   Here are a few common factors that could influence car accident claims in... read more?

How can an auto accident lawyer help me? Is it necessary?

There are several good reasons a person could choose to hire a car accident lawyer. Experienced attorneys know the tricks that insurance companies use to minimize payouts tounder-informed or unsuspecting victims. These tricks can even be attempted when the at-fault driver or victim has substantial coverage. A quality lawyer also helps navigate the proper laws surrounding settlement negotiations... read more?

How do I find the right car accident lawyer?

If you’re online searching for the perfect car accident lawyer to guide you, here are three critical aspects you should look for: Focus, Experience, and Resourcefulness. A trusted and experienced firm like The Ruth Law Team has all of those features and more. With 40+ years of experience and millions of dollars recovered for our clients, we have helped countless car accident injury victims... read more?

How much do we charge for auto accident cases?

Here at The Ruth Law Team, our process is simple. We receive absolutely no payment from you unless you get paid the damages you’re owed. It’s a standard practice. We retain an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement or judgment we recover on our client’s behalf. We pay all the advance expenses related to the investigation, litigation, evidence collection and negotiation to support our... read more?

How long can the whole process take?

In our experience, some accident cases could be successfully resolved in just a few months. However, some clients suffer serious injuries requiring long periods of recovery and continued medical treatment. Our goal is to establish the full scope of the client's injuries so that any settlement can include any and all recoverable damages. In some accident cases, the situation could be resolved... read more?

How are auto accident settlements determined?

A car accident settlement amount may include the injured victim’s lost wages and any loss of earning capacity, expenses for medical treatment, rehab, and property damage. Some of these aspects are easier to calculate than others. However, the value of the victim’s loss of use of a body part or an organ, or their physical and mental suffering, is more difficult to put a price on.... read more?

How long after an accident can you file a claim?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, there is no reason to hesitate or delay contacting a personal injury attorney. The sooner you contact the lawyer, the sooner they can begin working with you and for your potential claim. Information such as skid marks, debris location, witness testimonies and more can all be vital evidence in an accident claim. In Florida, personal injury protection... read more?

Should I Visit a Doctor After A Car Accident?

In our opinion at The Ruth Law Team, we recommend you visit a doctor or medical professional office immediately after a car crash. If possible, go the same day as the accident and get a full and detailed medical examination done. Documentation of your injuries will be crucial in your claim. If you are claiming to have been injured from the accident, the insurance companies will want to see... read more?

After an Accident, Should I Contact An Attorney or My Insurance First?

Here at The Ruth Law Team, we recommend contacting an experienced car accident attorney in Tampa before speaking to any insurance companies – even your own. Remember that insurance companies will be looking for ways to minimize payouts to any and all victims after an accident. Here is an example. When you speak to an insurance representative, they will likely ask, “How are you doing... read more?

How Do I Handle a Car Accident With an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver?

This is where you should consider contacting a Tampa car accident lawyer. Uninsured drivers bring an exceptionally unique situation to the parties involved. If you're involved in a car accident in Florida, and the at-fault driver lacks sufficient insurance, it's crucial to understand your options for seeking compensation and protecting your rights. Remember, it’s not your responsibility to... read more?

How is a car total loss determined?

When determining whether a car is a total loss after an accident, the approach varies from state to state. Two common methods are used: the Total Loss Formula (TLF) and the Total Loss Threshold (TLT). Total Loss Formula (TLF): This method involves calculating the sum of the car's repair costs and its salvage value (the estimated value of the car’s remains after an accident). If this... read more?

What do I do if the insurance company is not offering me enough for my car?

If you feel the insurance company's offer for your car is insufficient, there are steps you can take to negotiate a better offer. You are not required to accept the first offer provided by the insurance company. First, determine your vehicle's worth by considering factors like make, model, body style, and mileage. Second, get a detailed repair estimate in writing from a qualified mechanic. This... read more?

How long does it take for insurance to pay a car off after an accident?

Insurance payouts for damage to a car after an accident generally take between 30 to 45 days. This assumes the process has been clean and simple every step of the way. ... read more?

What should I do immediately after a car accident in Tampa?

First and foremost, check everyone's well-being, then dial 911. Reporting the incident and seeking medical assistance if required is crucial. Share details with the other driver, but avoid diving deep into the accident's details to avoid potential misunderstandings. If possible, capture details of the accident scene and prioritize getting medical attention, even if you believe you're unharmed. ... read more?