Should I Contact Uber Myself?

We suggest not communicating with Uber or any Uber representative until you consult with an Uber Accident Lawyer about your case. Uber is a multi-billion-dollar company with hundreds of lawyers who want to minimize your compensation and protect their company from paying.. 

For example, many Americans tend to be heroic about injuries they suffer. If asked by a stranger, “How are you feeling?” even people who have serious injuries will respond by saying, “Not too bad,” or “I’ve been worse.” This kind of modest humility may be costly to an injured passenger who later discovers they have severe neurological damages or post-concussive syndrome.

Let your professional personal injury lawyer speak on your behalf. Uber’s insurance company may not be asking about your health from a place of genuine concern. Your right to recover the full scope of your damages is important to your lawyer and your family. Let your lawyer do the talking.