What Factors Should I Consider With Car Accident Claims in Tampa?

One common and important service our Tampa car accident lawyers offer is a deep and meticulous understanding of what Florida law permits in a car accident claim. This includes the available limits of your potential compensation based on both your individual insurance policy and the policy of the at-fault party.  

Here are a few common factors that could influence car accident claims in Florida:

  •     What injuries were sustained from the accident?
  •     What is the extent of those injuries?
  •     Was there a loss of life from the crash?
  •     Did the victim miss time at work? If so, how much?
  •     Is there any permanent scarring from the accident?
  •     The cost of the medical bills directly resulting from the accident?
  •     Is there permanent damage whereas the victim will not have the same lifestyle as before the crash?

Florida is a contributory fault state. This means that liability could be assigned to multiple parties depending on the unique circumstances surrounding the crash. Any party found to be greater than 50% at fault for his or her own harm is deemed ineligible to recover any damages.