Should I File a Claim After A Car Accident?

One common reason people consider filing a claim after a car accident in Tampa is to cover any obvious medical bills. What people are often unaware of is that many other reasons exist that could be considered when filing a claim. This is a crucial reason to hire a trustworthy and experienced car accident lawyer, because they can help pursue the maximum available compensation. An attorney will deeply analyze the situation and provide explanations and guidance toward what damages you could pursue with your personal injury claim. 

Some other common reasons to file a car accident claim could be:

  •     To hold the negligent party responsible for their actions
  •     To prevent a similar situation from happening to someone else
  •     To obtain damage payments for areas of life impacted beyond medical bills
  •     To fight the insurance companies to pay the proper amounts based on their agreements
  •     To bring awareness about industry changes, new laws, or new protections
  •     To cover pain and suffering experienced by the victim
  •     To pursue compensatory/punitive damages in a courtroom

Punitive damages are intended to punish the guilty party for the gross negligent behavior and to encourage them to change their behavior and minimize this risk of injury in the future.