How do I find the right car accident lawyer?

If you’re online searching for the perfect car accident lawyer to guide you, here are three critical aspects you should look for: Focus, Experience, and Resourcefulness.

A trusted and experienced firm like The Ruth Law Team has all of those features and more. With 40+ years of experience and millions of dollars recovered for our clients, we have helped countless car accident injury victims throughout Florida recover from a devastating situation.

Our primary focus is helping people who have suffered injuries from another person’s negligence and/or irresponsible behavior. In addition, we have the financial resources to stand up to the massive insurance companies that can sometimes overwhelm smaller law firms.

If that doesn’t say enough, be sure to check our reviews online. The Ruth Law Team has a strong and winning track record with numerous 5 star reviews online and positive comments about how we’ve helped victims recover damages after a tragic accident. Let our experience help guide you to make the decision to contact us today and discuss your car accident situation with one of our trustworthy attorneys today.