Should I Carry Collision And Rental Car Coverage?

When another person is at fault for causing damage to your motor vehicle, their insurance company will ultimately be responsible for resolving your property damage claim, including putting you in a rental car if you are without the use of your vehicle until the claim is resolved. However, if the at-fault party is uninsured, or there is any dispute over liability, there can be delay in resolving your property damage claim, which may mean you will be without transportation. In order to protect yourself from any delay or problems in ensuring that your vehicle will be taken care of, you may wish to carry Collision Coverage and Rental Car Coverage, so that you may handle your property damage claim through your own insurance company. Many times, this can be faster and easier than trying to deal with the other person’s insurance company. You will be subject to any deductibles you have for this coverage, but your insurance company will seek reimbursement for all of your property damages, including deductibles, and you may recover your deductible back at a later date.

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