Self-driving cars are becoming increasingly popular. Companies like Tesla are releasing more advanced vehicles every single year. While these vehicles are generally considered to be safe, they are not foolproof. When a self-driving car malfunctions, the results can be catastrophic. A quick search of recent national headlines can lead you to multiple stories about self-driving cars that have caused accidents. The Ruth Law Team is your trusted source if you are in need of an experienced self-driving car accident attorney.

We have the experience necessary to help you make informed decisions in the days and weeks following a self-driving car accident. We understand that the crash may have caused you to endure significant mental, physical, and financial hardships. We can connect you with a self-driving car accident lawyer and provide you with a free consultation. Contact our team and let us take action on your behalf.

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Common Causes of Self-Driving Car Accidents

Every day, more autonomous cars hit the road. When they work as they are designed to, self-driving cars can be incredibly safe and convenient. However, equipment failures can result in serious and potentially deadly accidents. The owners of these vehicles can over-rely on the technologies that they contain, which can mean that they are not prepared to correct any errors that the software makes. It is important to understand the causes of self-driving car accidents. Doing so may help you or your loved one avoid being injured.

As self-driving vehicles become increasingly common on public roadways, crashes involving these cars are also becoming more common. Accidents involving these complex machines can occur at virtually any time. With that being said, many accidents involve negligence on the part of the owner or result from a software malfunction. Some common causes of self-driving vehicle crashes include:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Over-reliance on the vehicle’s capabilities
  • Software errors
  • Driver who has altered the vehicle’s safety equipment
  • Vehicle that miscalculates speed or makes inappropriate maneuvers
  • Failure of the manufacturer to address glaring safety issues

What Happens Next?

At The Ruth Law Team, we understand that this may be your first time being involved in an accident. It might even be your first time seeking legal counsel, which can be intimidating. Fortunately, our self-driving car accident lawyers can make the process easy and straightforward.

We have helped thousands of clients navigate the legal process, and we have a great reputation for recovering compensation for our clients. When you partner with us, our attorneys will be with you at every step of the way.

We use a proven process that includes the following three steps:

As soon as we accept your case, we will get to work on collecting essential documents. These may include medical records, medical bills, and insurance data. We will use this information to lay the groundwork for your personal injury claim. The documents collected during this phase will give our attorneys a good starting point for negotiating your settlement. At The Ruth Law Team, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to recover compensation for you.

When your crash occurred, local law enforcement may have conducted a preliminary investigation or completed a crash report. We will start phase two of our process by obtaining these documents, if they exist. We will also collect evidence, including any dash cam footage, security footage, and witness statements that may be available. If necessary, we will follow up with witnesses and conduct our own interviews. We may even revisit the scene of the accident and take photographs of the location. The goal of this step is to prove that the at-fault party caused or contributed to your injuries. When we pair the facts of the investigation with the information gathered during stage one, we can file a strong personal injury claim on your behalf.

The vast majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court. We will negotiate with the defense team and present them with the facts of the case. The goal of this process is to obtain a fair settlement offer from the defense. If your claim was filed against multiple parties, then we will conduct negotiations with every entity involved.

When a settlement offer is obtained, we will present the offer to you. If you are satisfied with the offer, then you will have the option to accept it. If the offer is unjust, then we will continue negotiations. Unfortunately, the defense may decline to make a fair settlement offer. If this happens, we are fully prepared to take your case to trial. The ultimate goal is to obtain justice for you, no matter how long it takes.

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Contact an Experienced Tesla Accident Attorney

Self-driving car accidents can be especially dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. The Ruth Law Team has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with sound legal guidance in your time of need. We will connect you with a Tesla accident attorney and file a strong personal injury claim on your behalf.

Do not put off filing a claim. Take action and contact the offices of The Ruth Law Team. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to learn about the circumstances of your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Driving Car Accidents

If you were injured in an accident that involved a self-driving car, then you may be entitled to compensation. The best way to find out is to book a free consultation with one of our self-driving vehicle accident lawyers. They will review your case and give you invaluable legal guidance in your time of need. If you decide to file a claim, we will walk you through every step of the process.

Being involved in a self-driving car accident can be traumatic. The last thing that you should have to worry about is coming up with the money to pay for an attorney. That is why our Tesla accident lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis. This means that we will not charge you anything upfront. In fact, you will not owe us anything unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Even if we take your case to trial, we will not bill you unless we win. This allows you to get the help you need without having to worry about expensive fees.

The first thing that you should do after being involved in any vehicle accident is to seek medical treatment. Even if your injuries appear to be minor, adrenaline can dull the sense of pain and delay the onset of symptoms. Obtaining prompt medical attention is essential if you want to reduce the risk of more serious medical complications.

You will help to make the final decision as to whether your case goes to trial or not. Oftentimes, our team will be able to settle your case out of court. We are expert negotiators. We will file a strong claim that will make the defense hesitant to ignore settlement requests. However, if the defense does not make a fair settlement offer, then you will have the option to take your case to trial.

The Ruth Law Team has tried virtually every type of vehicle accident case that you can imagine.. Despite the fact that self-driving car cases are a bit more complex, we rely on a proven formula to build a strong case for you.

There is a chance that the automaker could be liable for any vehicle accident, including self-driving car crashes. If our team finds that the automaker produced an unsafe product or failed to issue a recall when it was necessary, then we will make every effort to hold them accountable.

Personal injury claims are not limited to a single person or company. Our firm will help you to file a claim against any involved parties, if necessary. Any entity that played a role in causing your accident needs to be held accountable. We will engage in negotiations with any of these liable parties and strive to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf.

Every vehicle crash is unique. Accidents involving self-driving cars are even more complex than a standard crash. With that being said, our Tesla accident attorneys are expert investigators. During our review of your incident, we will strive to identify any parties who may have contributed to the crash. This may include the vehicle owner, manufacturer, and even the software company that created the self-driving program. The Ruth Law Team will not rest until we have sought justice for you.

If the vehicle owner disabled any essential safety equipment for their self-driving vehicle, then the manufacturer may be cleared from any liability. However, these actions also enhance the liability of the vehicle owner. Self-driving vehicles are more complex than traditional automobiles. For this reason, our team may need to request an independent inspection of the vehicle during the investigation phase. This will provide our team with much-needed information and help us build a stronger case.

Despite our long history of recovering fair settlements for our clients, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome in your case. With that being said, the defense team will take notice when you have The Ruth Law Team in your corner. To date, we have obtained over $100 million in jury verdicts alone for our clients.. We have recovered $65 million in vehicle accident cases alone since 2014. At its core, a self driving car accident is much like any other vehicle-related injury claim. The primary difference is that the software company and car manufacturer may have increased liability. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to file a strong claim on your behalf. We have settled thousands of cases and will fight tirelessly for you.

Every case is different. Personal injury claims that are settled out of court can be resolved much faster than those that go to trial. However, if the defense refuses to make a fair offer, then we are fully prepared to take your case to trial. Your case could take anywhere from several months to, in some cases, years to resolve.

Self-Driving Car Accident Attorneys

For several decades, The Ruth Law Team has provided our clients with exceptional legal guidance when they need it most. Our talented self-driving car accident attorneys can provide you with a free consultation at any of our office locations. We can even come to you! We will fight for your rights and seek a fair settlement for your injuries.

The attorneys of The Ruth Law Team include:

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