The National Transportation Safety Board found that 87 percent of rear-end collisions result from distracted driving. Getting hit from behind can cause serious injuries and saddle you with crippling medical bills. If you find yourself in such a situation, let The Ruth Law Team act as your rear-end collision lawyers.

Our rear-end collision lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We can offer you invaluable legal guidance in the days and weeks following a collision. In fact, our lead trial attorney Eric Roslansky has won more than $100 million in jury verdicts alone.  We will fight tirelessly so that you can get the resources you need to make a full recovery. If you would like to learn more about how our rear-end collision lawyers can help, contact us today. We provide free consultations and case reviews so that you can focus on healing from your pain and suffering and lost wages, not on paying an attorney.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Crashes

Getting hit from behind in a rear-end accident can be far more dangerous than some other types of crashes.  When you are side-swiped in traffic or hit at an angle, your vehicle’s safety systems immediately begin working to protect you.  However, this is not always the case with rear-end collisions.  If a negligent driver hits you from behind, your body will immediately be whipped forward.  If you were struck at a high rate of speed, the force could cause severe injury or even death.  While these types of crashes can occur on just about any roadway, understanding the causes of them can help you reduce your risk.  Some of the most frequent causes of rear-end crashes include: 

  • Distracted drivers (i.e., texters)
  • Drunk drivers
  • Defective vehicle mechanics
  • Failure to maintain a safe vehicle (i.e., driving with bald tires)
  • Speeding or driving too fast for weather conditions
  • Road rage
  • Heavy traffic
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions
  • Improperly maintained roadways

What Happens Next?

Being hit from behind in a rear-end collision may very likely be one of the most stressful events of your entire life. The last thing that you need is more mental and emotional strain from a long, complicated legal process about your accident. Fortunately, our rear-end crash lawyers utilize a simple, but effective process to build your case. When you partner with The Ruth Law Team, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. We will guide you through the entire legal process and do all of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on making a full recovery. Our process involves three key steps, which are:

Before we can file a claim on your behalf, we have to demonstrate that the rear-end collision affected your life in some significant way. We accomplish this goal by collecting every document related to your case. This includes medical bills, medical records, and insurance policy information.By reviewing these documents, our rear-end accident lawyers can gain a better understanding of the incident. This information will form the groundwork for your claim and will be essential during the negotiation process.

After we have finished collecting cursory documents, our rear-end accident attorneys will conduct their own investigation of the accident. They will start this phase by gathering law enforcement reports, video footage, vehicle inspection information, and any other evidence that can help your case. If necessary, our team will also revisit the scene of the crash. We will take photographs, search local security cameras, and look for any other evidence that may have been missed. Law enforcement may have only recorded a crash diagram or description of property damage in their report; we want to understand its root cause (e.g., negligence).

Most accident-related injury claims are settled out of court. This is especially true if the at-fault driver was under the influence or committed any other acts of gross negligence. The defense is more likely to settle out of court for fear that a trial will result in a larger monetary award for you. With that said, going to trial may have some risk involved for you, too. There is a chance that the jurors could rule in favor of the defense. During the negotiation process, your rear-end accident lawyer will present each offer to you in detail. It is up to you whether to accept the offer or take your case to trial. Either way, our team will fight relentlessly on your behalf.

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Contact an Experienced Rear-End Accident Attorney

If you have been hit from behind, then you may be eligible for compensation. It is vital that you hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

The Ruth Law Team has a proven track record of success. Our rear-end collision lawyers have decades of cumulative experience and can help you build a strong case for rear-end collision damages. Do not delay. Contact The Ruth Law Team today and schedule your free consultation. We will connect you with a talented rear-end crash lawyer near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rear-End Collisions

If you were hit from behind and injured in a rear-end collision, there is a good chance that you have grounds to file a claim. The only sure way to know if you have a strong case is to partner with a rear-end accident attorney, like The Ruth Law Team. We offer free consultations and will assess the merits of your case. We can provide you with expert legal counsel and help you make a sound decision.

The thought of having to hire an attorney after being involved in a traumatic rear-end crash can be overwhelming. Fortunately, The Ruth Law Team works on a contingency-fee basis. This means that we offer free consultations and do not charge you anything up front. In fact, you will not owe us a dime unless we recover for you. This rule applies even if we have to take your case to trial.

If you are hit from behind or involved in any other type of car crash, your first step should always be to seek medical care. Go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care clinic and take care of any urgent medical needs you have. Please be aware many primary care doctors will not treat people with injuries from a car accident. We are happy to help connect you to a doctor (or doctors) who treats auto accident injuries if you would like. Never put off medical care, even if you believe that nothing is wrong with you. The powerful adrenaline spike experienced by those involved in a crash can dull pain and allow serious injuries to go unnoticed for a period of time. After you have addressed any medical concerns, consider contacting experienced rear-end crash attorneys like The Ruth Law Team.

This is your case. While you did not choose to be involved in a rear-end collision, you can talk to your attorney to decide whether your case should go to trial or not. Our rear-end accident lawyers will attempt to settle your case efficiently while also obtaining a fair settlement. However, you are the one that ultimately decides to either accept the settlement, renegotiate, or take the case to trial. No matter what you decide, our rear-end accident attorneys will be with you every step of the way. We have helped hundreds of clients obtain the justice they deserve. We will bring this same passion for justice to the negotiating table as we do to the courtroom, should it come to that.

Yes, The Ruth Law Team has tried hundreds of accident-related cases, including rear-end collisions. We have a stellar track record of success. In fact, we have won more than $63 million in car accident cases since 2014 alone. This number does not include settlements or jury verdicts obtained in other categories. Our rear-end accident lawyers will provide you with a first-class level of expertise and knowledge.

Every crash is different, which means the injuries brought about by each incident are also different. However, certain injuries are particularly common in rear-end collisions. These may include concussions, whiplash, neck or spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, and head lacerations. The types of injuries sustained will depend on the vehicles involved, the force of the impact, and several other factors.

Generally speaking, a rear-end collision involves two or more vehicles. However, there are some scenarios where other parties can also contribute to the crash. For example, if the at-fault driver was intoxicated, then the establishment that served him may share some liability. Municipalities can be held liable if they failed to maintain the roadway and that non-fulfillment of duty contributed to the crash. Auto manufacturers can also be held liable if the crash was caused by a vehicle defect.

Many people hold the misconception that the second driver (i.e., the one who hit you from behind) is always at fault in a rear-end collision. Of course, if you were hit from behind, there is a good chance that the driver at the rear of you was following too closely, speeding, or driving while distracted. However, poor road conditions or severe weather can also contribute to a rear-end collision. Although rare, manufacturer defects are a known cause, too. You could also be considered partially liable if you pulled out in front of the “second driver” or if your brake lights were not functional.

Any time you are behind the wheel, you should use caution and remain attentive. Doing so can help you avoid being involved in a rear-end collision. In addition, you must ensure that your vehicle is in good working order. Bald tires, faulty brakes, and/or broken brake lights can all contribute to a crash. Lastly, you should adjust your driving habits when weather conditions are poor. For instance, it will take longer to brake when the roads are wet, so you may want to stop your car sooner than usual.

Addressing medical concerns should always be your top priority. However, if you have been hit from behind and believe you have grounds to file a claim, prompt action is a must. The sooner you reach out to one of our rear-end accident attorneys, the better your chances are of achieving a favorable outcome. The longer you wait, the more likely it is you’ll lose valuable evidence for your case. We can guide you in setting up a claim and will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. In addition, procrastinating and waiting to take legal action could prolong your plight and prevent you from obtaining needed relief.

Rear-End Collision Lawyers

For over 40 years, The Ruth Law Team has served hundreds of clients and helped them obtain justice. If you have been hit from behind in a rear-end car crash, we may be able to help you too. Our rear-end crash lawyers can provide you with knowledgeable in-person legal counsel. We have several office locations throughout Florida and can even come to you to discuss your case.

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