Unfortunately, head-on crashes are a major problem in the United States. These types of accidents are some of the most dangerous that anyone can be involved in. When a head on collision occurs, it generally leaves all parties of the situation permanently injured and often turns out to be fatal. In fact, head-on collisions accounted for just over 10% of fatal crashes in 2018, according to the Insurance Information Institute. This number does not reflect the hundreds of serious injuries that are caused each year by head-on collisions which are usually the result of negligence, an impaired driver, or both. If you find yourself in this situation, you might need a head-on crash attorney.

The Ruth Law Team is a trusted and reputable legal partner that you can turn to in your time of need. If you have suffered trauma or property damage from one of these types of accidents, then you may have a strong case for a personal injury claim. We have a team of top-tier head-on collision lawyers that can pursue justice on your behalf. Our head-on crash lawyers can provide you with a no-cost case review and offer expert legal guidance in your time of need. To get started, simply tell us about your case and we can schedule a call with one of our attorneys as soon as today.

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Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Head on car crashes are very dangerous due to the impact of the cumulative momentum of two vehicles striking one another head-on. Unfortunately, a head-on collision involves nearly double the momentum of a same-direction crash.  The force caused by this increased level of momentum is what makes head-on collisions so dangerous and often deadly.  If you need a head-on accident attorney, The Ruth Law Team is here to help. 

Head-on crashes are almost always the result of negligence, but they can have other causes. Some of the most common causes of head-on crashes include:

  • Distracted driving (e.g., texting, talking on the phone)
  • Driving too long or while fatigued
  • Driving the wrong way down a one-way road
  • Inattentive driving (e.g., speaking to a passenger)
  • Driving under the influence
  • Mental health conditions (e.g., dementia, Alzheimer’s)
  • Ignoring road signs (e.g., entering an exit ramp)
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions

What Happens Next? 

At The Ruth Law Team, we understand that the emotional shock of this trying event can be magnified by the anxiety-provoking thought of hiring an attorney.  We also understand that this may be your first time seeking legal guidance or suffering a serious injury. 

With that in mind, our head-on collision lawyers have made every effort to simplify our process.  We will guide you through every step of this journey so that you can focus on the important things, like making a full recovery.  One way that we accomplish this goal is by using a simple, proven process for building your case.  The three stages of our personal injury claim strategy are:

The first step to recovering damages in your case is document collection. We must prove that the head-on collision you were involved in caused hardship both physically and mentally. To do this, we immediately get to work gathering medical records, medical bills, insurance documents, and anything else that will demonstrate how taxing the crash was on you and the impact it made on your life.These documents will be used to argue your case to the defense team and help us seek a fair settlement offer. If the defense refuses to offer a just settlement, we will use these documents to plead your case to the jurors. These documents will form the groundwork for your claim, which is why our head-on crash lawyers leave no stone unturned.

After we have collected extensive documentation about your crash, our head-on collision lawyers will investigate the crash further. We often begin this stage by reviewing law enforcement reports, dash cams, and body camera footage. We may also check security cameras in the area for evidence, examine the crash site, and ensure that there was proper signage at the scene. Our goal is to locate any piece of information that is vital to your case. Something as simple as faulty road signs may expand the scope of your claim and allow us to seek additional compensation. We want to ensure that all parties involved are held accountable for their negligence.

The vast majority of head-on collision claims are settled out of court. Our head-on collision lawyers will negotiate a settlement with the defense in hopes of resolving your case quickly. However, we will not settle for an unfair offer.If the defense does not make a settlement offer that is reasonable, our head-on collision attorneys are fully prepared to take your case to trial. We will present your claim to jurors in hopes of receiving a favorable outcome. We have obtained over $63 million in settlements just in the past seven years for our clients who suffered injuries in a crash. We will fight for you with the same tenacity and dedication that we showed in those cases.

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Contact an Experienced Head-On Crash Attorney

A quality head-on collision lawyer can help you navigate life after an accident.  Our expert head-on collision lawyers have the resources and knowledge to file a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Do not delay filing a claim.  Contact our team today and let us fight on your behalf.  We will connect you with a talented head-on crash lawyer near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Head-On Collisions

If you are involved in a head-on collision, it may be a great idea to seek legal counsel. At The Ruth Law Team, we offer completely free consultations and case reviews. During this process, we will assess the facts of your crash and determine if you have grounds on which to file a personal injury claim. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Oftentimes, head-on collisions are the result of the negligence of another driver or local government. If this was the case in your crash, then speaking to one of our experienced head-on collision attorneys can help you determine how to proceed. If you have grounds to file a claim, we are prepared to fight on your behalf.

At The Ruth Law Team, we work on a contingency basis. This means that you will have no upfront costs or legal fees. We will stay in open communication with you during each phase of your case.

If our head-on accident attorneys do not win your case, then you will not owe us anything. This standard applies even if your case goes to trial. Our primary goal is and always will be to seek justice for our clients.

The first thing that you should do after being involved in a head-on collision is to seek medical attention. The hormones and adrenaline that surge when you are involved in a crash may dull the feeling of any injuries in the short term. Do not just assume you are fine. Go seek emergency medical care as soon as possible.

After you have addressed your medical concerns, then you may want to contact an attorney. As noted above, we will review your case for free and help you decide what to do next.

Many personal injury claims are settled out of court. Your head-on collision attorney will always negotiate with the defense before attempting to take your case to trial. Each settlement offer received will be presented to you. Our clients always have the final say on whether or not a settlement is accepted.

The only way that your case will go to trial is if you choose to take it there. If the defense does not make a reasonable offer, then you can opt for a trial. While a trial will increase the time it takes to resolve your case, it can also result in a more favorable outcome for you.

Yes, The Ruth Law Team has tried many head-on collision cases. We have also tried hundreds of other crash-related injury claims. In total, we have recovered over $63 million for our clients in vehicle accident cases since 2014. Our head-on crash attorneys are some of the most experienced in the nation and will tirelessly seek justice for you.

While driving on the road, you are only in control of your vehicle. However, there are a few ways that you can reduce your chances of being involved in a head-on crash.

Anytime you are on the road, ensure that you are attentive and alert. Also, you should never operate your vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You should also take extra caution if you are caught on the road in inclement weather.

If you intend to file a claim or want to find out whether you have a solid case, then you should reach out to our team as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the greater chance there is that valuable evidence will be lost. Our head-on accident lawyers want to ensure that they create a strong case for your claim. The sooner you contact us, the better we are able to accomplish that goal.

Every personal injury claim is different. A number of factors will influence the amount of your settlement, including injuries you sustained, damage caused to your property, and the amount of work time you missed. The goal is to obtain a fair settlement for you.

The Ruth Legal Team will never accept a settlement without your approval. We are here to work on your behalf. We will fight for a fair and just outcome, even if that means taking your case to trial.

The fact that each case is unique makes it difficult to provide an exact case timeline. Some head-on collision cases can be resolved in only a few months. Others may take well over a year to resolve.

The sooner that our head-on crash lawyers get started, the sooner we can resolve your case. Getting off to a quick start also increases our chances of preserving valuable time-sensitive evidence. This evidence can not only improve the size of your settlement, but it can also speed up the legal process.

The Ruth Legal Team operates on a contingency-fee basis. We want the victims of car collisions to be able to seek counsel without fear of outrageous legal or medical fees. Our goal is to make your life easier, not add on to your hardships. If we do not win your case, you will not owe us a penny. Upon resolution of the case, our fee is a percentage of the total recovery.

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